2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: USC vs Utah

Utah Utes

#92 DT Star Lotulelei
-Lining up as 0, 1, and 3-tech defensive tackle.
-Draws holding penalty, good pad level, got into the OL’s frame.
-Quick reaction, huge initial punch – disrupts exchange and comes up with fumble.
-Man-handling one of the top centers early on in this game.
-Brushes off block, delivers punishing hit to running back for a loss.
-Sheds two separate blocks, keeps feet moving down the line, wraps for another tackle for loss.
-Smartly drops into coverage after getting double teamed, makes the tackle on Lee.
-Plays with great leverage, lifting linemen off the ground – has some serious strength.
-Above average first step, splits linemen when asked to.
-Jumps offside, looks like he was drawn by a hard count.
-Holds up two offensive linemen, doesn’t let guard get to the second level.
-Pushes back guard easily in pass protection – dominant bull rush, active hands.
-Has shown a very good motor, pursues the ball down the line and down the field.

Overview: Lotulelei looked absolutely dominant. If he gets out of the top five of the 2013 NFL Draft, I’ll be very surprised – he looks as good as Haloti Ngata.

#26 CB Ryan Lacy
-Lining up as outside corner.
-Misses tackle on Woods twice, not quick enough laterally to keep up.
-Pressing Woods, doesn’t allow separation, tips ball out – called for interference penalty.
-Closes on checkdown, very solid tackle – read the route quickly.
-Carries TE down the field, safety late in help – showed some fluid hips.
-Playing in goal line situation, stands up the RB for a loss – impressive.
-Woods runs away from him easily on goal line, couldn’t match his acceleration out of his break.
-Fails to wrap up, Woods bounces off of him.
-Physical, tight coverage on Lee, sticks his hand in and disrupts the catch.
-Beat by Lee, stumbled running down the field with him.

Overview: Lacy has that confidence that you want from your corners – he also backs most of it up. He showed some skills in press man and flashed some plus tackling skills.

#44 DT Dave Kruger
-Lining up as 3 and 5 tech.
-Gets under the pads of the RG, drives him into the backfield.
-Sheds block from tackle, drags down RB with one arm.
-Gets a little upright if he isn’t immediately blocked.
-Keeps his outside arm clean, turns the RB back into help.

Overview: Kruger doesn’t flash much, but he is that solid player that you want on your team as a backup.

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2 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: USC vs Utah”

  1. Bobthebuilder says:

    I would rather JarVis Jones, Sam Montgomery or trading back for dee Milliner.

  2. Stephen S says:

    Just imagine if we had New Orleans 1st round pick this year and the draft happened this weekend you think Star Lotulelei might get some consideration

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