2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Oklahoma vs. Notre Dame

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

#5 Manti Te’o, ILB
– Smooth backpeddle, has no problem sinking hips and dropping
– Able to stay in hip pocket of slot WR running cross patterns in middle of the field
– Disciplined in his run fits, forces RB inside and doesn’t bite of the juke, makes tackle at LOS
– Stays in his cut back lanes, and waits for RB to cut back, makes perfect form tackle on bigger back
– Great coverage in the flat on 3rd down, read the swing pass got out in flat and makes open field tackle
– Perfectly timed blitz, closes quickly and absolutely launches himself into Jones – such a powerful tackler
– Shot the wrong gap on Blake Bell touchdown, submarine the C gap, Bell goes outside and walks into the EZ – the touchdown was called back due to a penalty call
– Is around the ball on nearly every play, runs well, takes good angles and instincts are outstanding – Top LB prospect in the nation and a potential top 15 pick.
– Shows blitz, forces Jones to audible and gets rid of the ball quick
– Diving interception, might be biggest play of the season, his seventh forced turnover of the year and 5th INT

#9 Louis Nix III, DL
– Lines up at both NT and 3-4 DE on first drive, gets good penetration from nose, by getting leverage and bull-rushing
– Continues to be more of a factor when linig up at the nose, draws double team and great intial push
– Gets off double team, stays square to line and blows up running play – just a load to move off the LOS
– Lines up at 3-4 DE, but hasn’t been as effective. Doesn’t possess many pass rush move instead relies on power and bull-rush, best suited for NT at the next level.
– 1 on 1 vs. the OC sheds block by tossing Ikard to the ground and is waiting for the RB in the hole – POWER
– Makes quick read on Blake Bell draw, gets loose and stops him short on 3rd down

#80 Tyler Eifert, TE
– Big time block on Tony Jefferson at the second level to spring Cierre Wood on long TD run
– Loves to use the swim move right off the snap, quick powerful move which has been successful
– Has been a complete non factor in the passing game to this point, doubled over the top
– Finally gets involved in passing game, lines up split out to boundary side, 10 yard hook

#52 Braxston Cave, OC
– Good push off the snap, getting 4-5 yard push vs. DT who is shaded to his right side
– Gets to second level in good position and has sealed Wort off a couple times
– Stays compact and low after the snap, good bend and doesn’t lose the leverage battle often
– Moves well in tight spots, slides well in pass protection and has gotten to the next level while maintaining his leverage

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One Response to “2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Oklahoma vs. Notre Dame”

  1. CCW1 says:

    What’s the possabilities/scenario’s on the table that would allow the Pat’s to bring in Manti Te’o?????

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