2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Notre Dame vs. Stanford


#22 Stepfan Taylor, RB
– Excellent spin move at the LOS to force missed tackle and gain positive yardage
– Runs hard off tackle, sets up the defender and then makes nice cut to the outside
– Dancing a litte at the line of scrimmage because not much running room, needs to just go full speed ahead
– Powerful runner for his size, stands up defender after contact and keeps feet churning to gain extra yard
– Impressive jump cut in the hole, jukes KLM out of his shoes
– Huge hole sees it, not great explosiong, but drops shoulder and runs through intial contact
– Lets his blocks set up and reads his lead blocker nicely on 3rd down carry
– Real nice route of the backfield and good catch in tight coverage, got just behind LB to creat throwing lane
– Leg drive is impressive, able to pick up 5 extra yards by keeping his feet moving after contact
– Stopped 3 times in a row from the 2 yard line in overtime, can’t power way through the penetration to get TD

#11 Shayne Skov, ILB
– Reads the toss well, gets into the flat but misses the tackle
– Can’t get off blocks at line of scrimmage off the run blitz, allows run to outside
– Reads the run and attacks downhill, hard initial hit but doesn’t wrap up
– Spends a lot of time diving at tackles or on his knees/ground
– Doesn’t make many splash plays all of his tackles have come downfield our clean up
– Gets blocked at the second level way to easily and then doesn’t fight through them, moving back and around
– Much better when he can just come forward and play the run in front of him, when he has to discipher, flow or move backwards he is limited and struggles some

#44 Chase Thomas, OLB
– Disciplined on the back side, stays at home and stays square to the line, doesn’t chase the fake away
– Very good at shedding and avoiding blocks, this time swims the TE and creates pressure forcing quick throw
– Patient pass rusher, will set up the OT with a stutter step or different angle and then turn it on
– Lines up with hand in the dirt, sets up TE with step to outside and then swim moves inside and almost gets safety, blows up the play
– Touchdown on fumble recovery in the EZ
– Wearing down OT/TE, rushing from different angles and different moves, motor never stops, always around the play
– Good leverage with arms at point of attack reads draw right at him, shed the block and makes play at LOS
– Place real well in space, fluid dropping into his zone and can buzz the flat, just a polished player
– Gets good extension and separation with his hands, gets OL on heels and then shows the pass rush burst or swim

#86 Zach Ertz, TE (Jr.)
– Drops 3rd down pass, let ball hit his body and jump when he didn’t need to
– Seam route off play action, gets behind LB and makes nice sliding catch
– Makes big catch on third down, catches with his hands, rounded the route a little bit, but was able to run by LB

#11 Levine Toilolo, TE (Jr.)
– Doesn’t get any separation from the LB on Nunes INT, ball was overthrown, but LB was glued to him anyways
– Drops third down pass, slid to the ground and drops ball when hit by Te’o
– Short yardage block attempt was bad, put his head down and launched at defender, completely missed
– Nice hands catch on the sideline, route wasn’t crisp rounded it about 2 yards deeper (Play overturned, ruled incomplete) Another drop his 2nd today
– Awful block on the 4th down goal line play, allows the defender to beat him to gap and blow up the play

#49 Ben Gardner, DE
– Moves inside on 3rd down, slants into A gap with good first step
– Powerful player and very good motor, but he struggles to change directions/get going again
– Power off the snap, has OT on his heals swims him and then has clean shot at blindside, forces fumble in the endzone
– Lines up at 3-Tech again and splits OC/OG easily to get quick pressure, Golson spins away easily and Gardner can’t change direction with him
– Can anchor and overpower at point of contact but struggles to move laterally and with short area quickness –> Gets off the block and has Golson sized up at LOS, but Golson shakes him with sloppy juke Gardner looked stiff
– His best position might DT in NFL or 3-4 end
– Big time penetration up the middle vs. run on the last drive blew up the inside draw allow LB to clean it up

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One Response to “2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Notre Dame vs. Stanford”

  1. iceman says:

    Stephon Tuitt is a name to keep an eye one. Other than Teo he is their best player on D

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