2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Notre Dame vs. Stanford

Tyler Eifert Notre Dame

Tyler Eifert is the best collegiate tight end in the nation. (Photo: US Presswire)


NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

One of the biggest football games in South Bend, Indiana in the last decade, Notre Dame had a chance to become a legitimate National Championship contender vs. Stanford. Notre Dame has some very impressive defensive prospects who have taken the next step this season. How did they play against and efficient Stanford offense?

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Notre Dame

#5 Manti Te’o, LB
– Takes on blocker in the hole with power and leverage, spins off to make the tackle
– Reads the run and explodes to and through the running lane, Taylor spins out of the tackle, but explosvie burst
– Solid coverage on Ertz in middle of the field, contests pass and tackles immediately
– A true 4 down linebacker, never comes off the field and shows improved instincts in zone coverage
– Good coverage on Toilolo on third down, hit him as pass arrived and forced a drop
– Runs through his tackles, one of the most powerful tacklers in country
– Nice job in pass coverage in RZ, doesn’t take playfake, runs with Toilolo easily forces a different throw
– Moves laterally at the LOS well, keeps outside leverage and makes tackle at the sticks – Sideline to Sideline force
– Takes on blocks at full speed, able to recoil, shed and make play, does get overaggresive and overrun simple play
– Makes huge play coming over the pile to stop Taylor short at the goal line on 3rd down in OT

#80 Tyler Eifert, TE
– Good burst out of his break, runs 5 yard out route losing LB out of break
– Splits out wide looks like a WR
– On next play moves to a tight slot position, can’t get away from LB who jams him at line and takes him out of play
– Clean release off the line, makes half-hearted attempt to sell run block, wide open reception
– Makes great high point catch on corner route, in between double coverage to tie the game, good route and big time play
– One on one mismatch, gets off press coverage, gets position on CB and draws PI call
– Moves so well for a man of his size, the best TE in the country in my opinion

#9 Louis Nix III, DT
– Getting moved off the line early on, needs to stay lower off the snap
– Lines up at NT, getting turned and sealed off from the hole
– On very next play, lines up at 3-Tech and powers his way through A gap, keeps feet churning and forces overthrown by Nunes, which turns into and INT
– Good anchor and push back vs. double team, closes the running lane with Taylor in it
– Great burst off the ball gets into the backfield beating the trap block and makes TFL
– Good job getting arms extended and reading into the backfield while anchoring
– Won’t provide much pass rush unless slanting, stunting or twisitng, good NT prospect who can move around interior DL
– Has tough time changing direction if his first step is away from the play
– Rips through block on a slant and brings Taylor down from behind in backfield – real powerful player
– Great penetration when lined up over NT, pushed center 5 yards into backfield and into the RB
– Nix has been really impressive in spurts, it appears he is easier to block when he is forced to play 4-5 plays in a row
– So stout at the point of attack, gets penetration on goalline stand — great game overall

#89 Kapron Lewis-Moore, DE
– Lines up as 3-Tech DT on 3rd down, loops into B gap and beats OG cleanly forcing QB to rush the throw
– Moves inside on 3rd down again, runs twist off tackle, but not much pressure
– Has lined up all over the DL, but he is need no pressure at all on passing downs, has held up OK vs. run
– Good motor, starts at DT, blocked initially but gives chase to Nunes, gets to him at opposite sideline
– Turns his shoulders at the line and gets washed right down, opening huge running lane
– Moved to 1 tech in goal line situation, gets good penertration by staying as low to ground as possible

#52 Braxston Cave, OC
– Great job picking up Skov off the run blitz, stayed on his block for extended period
– Getting good push off the line and staying engaged on his blocks until the whistle blows
– Good hands placement in pass protection, delivers pop to the numbers and engages DT
– I like the way he keeps his feet moving when uncovered in pass protection, will slide to chip on both sides
– Nice job of sliding from side to side to pick up DT when shaded into the A gap
– Having trouble shotgun snapping in ran, already one fumbled snap today
– Has been picking up the correct guy even when blitzes are disguised, also doing nice job of redirecting in pass protection
– Gets to the second level and good initial block, but can’t hold it long enough for Wood to break the run
– Fundamentally looks good, keeps good base, short choppy steps, good hand placement

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  1. iceman says:

    Stephon Tuitt is a name to keep an eye one. Other than Teo he is their best player on D

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