2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Florida vs. South Carolina

South Carolina

#21 Marcus Lattimore, RB
- Makes first appearence late in 1st quarter, despite battling injury
- Good patients and vision off the draw, not much of a hole but able to break a tackle
- Obviously not 100%, doesn’t have the change of direction/burst he normally does, has been used on 3 pass routes and has been covered on all three
- Did do a good job of pass protecting the back side on bootleg, stuck helmet in the chest and over powered blitzer

#36 DJ Swearinger, SAF
- Thick build with big lower body
- Great angle on sweep to right sideline, comes up hard and aggressive, makes solid low tackle
- Gets cut in the open field trying to defend the screen pass
- Has played both cover 2 and the single high safety in man to man
- Takes a poor angle going up to break up the pass and nearly leads to big play
- Good read and closing burst on Gillislee run in the red zone, sticks him at LOS and doesn’t let him go
- Hasn’t been much of a factor today, tough to evaluate his performace today without help from coaches tape

#21 DeVonte Holliman, DB/LB
- Lines up at OLB (Spur), blitzes, unblocked and gets easy sack
- Not much closing burst, can see why he was moved to linebacker from safety
- Perfect coverage in the flat was screen pass, good tackle, wrapped up and drive the feet
- Good read on shovel pass, stayed with responsibility and made nice tackle
- On next play, he gets to Dunbar in the flat, but misses the tackle and it leads to a touch down, did have good zone instincts, recognized the play and was in position, but didn’t make the play
- Has done a nice job keeping outside leverage and setting hard edge vs. stretch/off tackle run
- Gets beaten on wheel route vs. Jordan Reed pass was incomplete

#98 Devin Taylor, DE
- Gets the sack, but not showing much explosion. Performs a so-so rip move and is able to work his way around the edge to the QB.
- Slow first step compared to the other DL in this game
- Doesn’t look real fluid when trying to change direction and turn the corner
-Trap play, gets blocked easily and can’t get off of it, creates hole – just looks slow and stiff
- Not recognizing trap blocks, coming downfield and getting trapped, creating hole
- Not locating the ball at all, comes hard inside and the play goes outside, creating wide open side of the field
- Getting turned and sealed off too easily, he has been pretty bad at the POA today

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