Patriots vs Ravens: 3 Keys to the Defeat and Best Tweets from the Game

Patriots Ravens

Patriots fans saw way too many deep completions against the Ravens. (Photo: US Presswire)

NEPD Staff Writer: Joon Lee

Lets put this out there right away. The Patriots played terrible and that is the main reason they lost. It’s not the replacement referees, it’s not the clutch last drive by Joe Flacco, it was the Patriots playing absolutely terrible in the fourth quarter.

With that, here are my three keys to the Patriots’s defeat.

Awful 4th Quarter Play Calling

With a chance to lock up the game during their last two drives, the Patriots were not able to lock up the game and burn enough time off the clock. During their second to last drive of the game which started with about 10 minutes left in the game, the Patriots began throwing short passes and giving the ball of to Danny Woodhead.

What really puzzles me about the play calling about this last drive was the fact that Danny Woodhead, not Stevan Ridley, was the one getting the ball to burn time off the clock. Ridley has been very consistent this year and has been having a pretty decent game up to that point. Maybe it was Belichick’s lack of trust with Ridley’s fumbling problems

In addition, McDaniels also called almost pass plays on the Patriots’s last drive. The only running play was to Ridley and was boosted by an unsportsmanshiplike conduct on Baltimore. If you were trying to burn time off the clock with four minutes left in the game, why do you have mostly passing plays?

Bad Punt by Mesko

This is one of the most overlooked parts of the game. Mesko, who had punted very well in the game up to that point, punted the ball away after the last Patriots’s offensive drive that had the Ravens starting at the twenty yard line. Up to that punt, Mesko had good hangtime on his punts, but this last punt was muffed and dropped fast. The only reason the Ravens started at the 21 yard line was because of the muffed punt by the Ravens.

This is really nitpicky, but if the Patriots want to win the Superbowl, all aspects of their game need to be consistently good. Mesko may become an All-Pro punter this season, but he needs to avoid doing this.

Horrific Cornerback Play

Some called this game by McCourty one of the worst games ever played. This is a definite overreaction but McCourty was not very good on the last quarter of the game. McCourty dropped two interceptions in the game, although to be fair, Torry Smith made an excellent play on one of the would-ve picks.

I’ve also been saying this since training camp. Kyle Arrington is an absolutely terrible cover cornerback. He is the worst cornerback on this team in the cover and is consistently beat by wide receivers, leaving them wide open. Arrington was consistently beat in training camp by Brandon Lloyd and Wes Welker, but also people like Marquice Cole. The reason Arrington has had a lot of tackles over the last couple of years is because he gives up a lot of passes to his receivers, allowing him to tackle them after the catch.

Arrington is the best in zone formation and this is the result of him anticipating well. Please give Ras-I Dowling a chance. For once, he is not injured and he provides size and potential at the cornerback position.

Favorite Tweets

This is a little section that I would love to debut in the week recap section. In this section, I will post some of my favorite tweets from reporters and fans from the game in this section. Here are this week’s winner:

After the Brandon Bolden touchdown: From ESPN’s Field Yates (@fieldyates): “Coming out of Ole Miss, one area of strength in Brandon Bolden’s game was goal line area running. Finished with 27 career rushing TD’s.”

From Jeff Howe (@jeffphowe) of the Boston Herald on an Anquan Boldin holding penalty on Devin McCourty: “Wow, I don’t think even McCourty’s mom held him like that.”

From NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet): “So, Vince Wilfork and Ray Lewis both claimed they are from “the University of Miami.” Not “The U.” What gives? Does @mrs75 know?”

Leave your thoughts on the game in the comments below.


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5 Responses to “Patriots vs Ravens: 3 Keys to the Defeat and Best Tweets from the Game”

  1. Eugene says:

    Finally somebody who agrees with me!!!!! Arrington is an awful DB. People point to his INT stats, but he only gets his INT’s once the game has already been decided, and most of them are also crappy throws that go straight to him. He gets burned by his man on a consistant basis. Hopefully Dennard can get healthy and take his place. How long can it take for a hamstring injury to heal? With Dennard, Dowling, and McCourty, we have some slightly below average-OK DB’s. They should still use a mid-round pick on one next year. They need to use they’re first round pick on kenny vaccarro. Maybe a second rounder on a CB.

  2. qwerty says:

    One observation I will make this year as opposed to last year regarding the punting unit is that thru all the games, the opposing players seem to be getting too close for comfort to mesko. Last year, I only saw it occasionally being close. Not sure if blocking for punting unit is bad or what.

    The punt landed around the 20 yard so it wasn’t bad or anything. Would have been ideal to get it to 1 yard though. I can see your point that it should have been a little further back but wasn’t really bad. maybe a little below average.

    I would have the Patriots use Ridley unless it was a screen pass. I get very uncomfortable with Woodhead on third downs.

    Not very clear what is wrong with Dowling. I don’t remember him playing badly in his 36 plays in TEN. I hardly noticed him so can’t judge his performance absolutely. He gave up 30 yards on 4-4 pass completions. Why he is not out there is a mystery to many people. It may be something we are unaware of. Maybe it is performance, practice or other issue.

    I thought the key for BAL were the critical moments of the bad penalty calls against patriots and the non calls against Ravens OL.

    Kudos to the Ravens defensive coach for making good play calls near end of game.

    If Patriots beat Buffalo Bills, all these games so far will be negated. With Revis out for season and Miami rebuilding, that should only leave the Bills and the Patriots as division contenders. Winning the division is all that counts. It is more important to win against Bills than Ravens. A loss will obviously put them in a hole to dig out.

    • qwerty says:

      Also thinking that a front 4 consisting of Jones, Wilfork, Love and Ninkovich/Cunningham can’t make a sack, hit or hurry doesn’t make any sense. That’s a lot of talent there to get no production. I don’t think even placing Nink with JPP would have gotten them any sack, hits or hurries given the non calls. I thought Patriots pass rush was really aggressive throughout game.

    • JoonLee says:

      My point with the punt was that he has been knocking the Ravens back behind the ten yard line all night. The fact that he wasn’t able to do so on the biggest punt of the night showed me he’s still growing as a football player.

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