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Welcome to the NEPatriotsDraft live blog of this Patriots game! Here you’ll get a compilation of both my opinions, up to date play by play on the game and tweets from some of the best reporters in town. Make sure to follow me on Twitter as well @iamjoonlee.

Inactives for tonight’s game: Aaron Hernandez (ankle), defensive lineman Brandon Deaderick (ankle), cornerback Alfonzo Dennard (hamstring), defensive lineman Justin Francis (ankle), running back Shane Vereen (foot), offensive lineman Nick McDonald (shoulder) and defensive end Jake Bequette (not on injury report).

Mankins and Lloyd both active.

Inactives for the Patriots:

8:25 Welcome to our live blog for the Patriots at Ravens game! Kickoff is almost here!

8:29 The Voice winner Javier Colon sings the national anthem. Prayers out to the family of Torry Smith.

8:31 Ball kicked off to McCourty, who knees it in the end zone.

8:33 Patriots start the first drive, starting with the no huddle. Brady fumbles snap from Wendell and ball is recovered by the Patriots. Brady is subsequently sacked on a 3rd and 13.

Fact via WEEI, The Patriots are 6-0 all-time against the Ravens in the regular season.

8:38 Stopping Ray Rice tonight will be a major key to a Patriots victory. Three and out for the Ravens as the Patriots get the ball inside the Raven’s 20 yard line.

8:42 Danny Woodhead runs the ball past the 20 yard line for the Patriot’s first first down.

8:43 Brady and Welker connect for a 59 yard pass that brings them to the Raven’s 20 yard line. So is Belichick still phasing him out?

8:45 Drop by Edelman in the end zone on 3rd down brings Gostowski out for a field goal. Hits this one through the uprights. 3-0 Patriots.

8:50 Interception by Stephen Gregory to bring the Patriots to a first and goal for the Patriots. Skirmish ensues after the play.

8:52 Pass to Hoomanawanui brings them to the two yard line. Bolden runs it in for the touchdown. 10-0 Patriots.

From ESPN’s Field Yates (@fieldyates): “Coming out of Ole Miss, one area of strength in Brandon Bolden’s game was goal line area running. Finished with 27 career rushing TD’s.”

8:58 Ravens go 3 and out and punt brought back by Edelman to the 20 yard line. Block in the back penalty by Koutouvides brings it back ten yards.

9:01 Brandon Lloyd makes his first catch of the night to brings the Patriots to the 24 and a first down.

9:05 Brady slides after avoiding a sack. Personal on Haloti Ngata after shoving Logan Mankins. 15 yard penalty for a first down.

9:07 Welker drops an easy pass from Brady. Way too many times.

9:08 Very nice catch by Edelman is nullified by a bad pass interference call. Referees pulling the flag quick after skirmish between Ngata and Mankins.

9:10 Gostowski puts it through the uprights 13-0 Patriots.

9:13 End of the First Quarter

9:16 These referees are making some very liberal calls tonight. Pass interference on Mayo.

From Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald on an Anquan Boldin holding penalty on Devin McCourty: “Wow, I don’t think even McCourty’s mom held him like that.”

9:20 Nice pass from Flacco to Leech for a first down.

9:23 Belichick is absolutely livid with these replacement referees tonight. Ravens challenging the spot of the ball after a pointless measure by the replacement referees. Ball was clearly a yard short.

9:27 Harbaugh wins challenge, gets a first down. Rice subsequently gets 9 yard run.

9:28 Torry Smith touchdown call. Kyle Arrington on the coverage. Flag thrown, then waived off. 13-7 Patriots.

9:32 Patriots touchback. Start the drive on their own 20 yard line.

From @jose3030: “Replacement Refs ” Can we get the regular refs back?

9:36 Edelman run and then catch on next play brings Patriots to 47.

9:37 Edelman brought down in the backfield near the 40 yard lines, losing 14 yards.

9:38 Beautiful punt by Mesko after Edelman takedown pins the ravens inside the 10 yard line.

9:43 Jacoby Jones brings in a long pass from Joe Flacco and brings the ball to about 44 yardline of the Patriots.

9:45 2 Minute Warning

From NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport: “So, Vince Wilfork and Ray Lewis both claimed they are from “the University of Miami.” Not “The U.” What gives? Does @mrs75 know?”

9:50 Tight End Dennis Pitta breaks a couple of tackles and walks into the end zone. Ravens lead 14-13.

9:58 Illegal contact against the Ravens on Brandon Lloyd to give the Patriots a first down.

9:59 Brady to Welker sets up a first and goal.

10:01 Ravens take a defensive timeout with seven seconds left in the half.

10:02 Brady to Edelman. Touchdown Patriots! They lead 20-14 with two seconds left to go in the half.

10:04 Halftime

10:18 Patriots kick off the second half. Ravens will start at the twenty yard line.

10:19 Rice gets a gain of 15 yards on the Raven’s first play of the second half.

10:23 Jacoby Jones nearly reigns in a long catch, but juggles it out of bounds.

10:25 Ray Rice runs it in for a touchdown. 8 play 80 yard drive. 21-20 Ravens

10:30 KELLEN WINSLOW ALERT. Pass from Brady slightly overthrown.

10:33 Patriot killer Bernard Pollard gets a personal foul after shoving Logan Mankins in the facemask.

10:36 Danny Woodhead runs it in for the touchdown after a good block from Logan Mankins. 27-21 Patriots

10:46 Torry Smith reigns in a long pass after Moore blows the coverage. In Patriots territory.

10:49 Patriots get the ball back.


10:57 Deion Branch catches the ball and takes a huge hit. Flags flying all over the place.

10:59 Very nice run up the middle by Stevan Ridley. Jukes a couple and speeds up the middle.

11:04 Stephen Gostowski comes and knocks in a field goal to make it 30-21 Patriots

11:11 McCourty drops an interception and Flacco throws a long pass to Smith on next play.

11:14 Mayo blows up the Raven’s run play, who turn it over on downs.

11:20 Mesko punts the ball away and pins the Ravens inside their ten yard line.

11:25 Jacoby Jones with a nice catch. Having a pretty good game.

11:27 Ray Rice with a nice catch over the middle and the Ravens are getting closer to the endzone.

11:30 Touchdown for Torry Smith. 30-28 Patriots

11:37 Huge penalty on Baltimore. Illegal contact on Ladarius Webb. Nullifies a pick for Baltimore.

11:42 Baltimore fans chanting some profanities. Brady sacked by Ngata.

11:45 Patriots lose the ball and have to punt it away. Ravens at about the 20 at the 2 minute warning.

11:48 28 yard play to Jacoby Jones from Flacco. Running the two minute drill.

11:51 Pass interference by McCourty brings the Ravens into the red zone to set up a Justin Tucker field goal attempt.

11:53: Kicker Justin Tucker barely scoots it through the uprights. Ravens win 31-30 RAVENS WIN

2 Responses to “Patriots at Ravens Live Blog”

  1. I totally agree John m same 2 Super Bowl loses we got

  2. John M. says:

    I’m very discouraged after watching this game for 2 reasons. The first reason is the lack of New England’s offense to be able to run out the clock with getting a couple of key first downs. The second reason is how New England’s defense let Baltimore’s offense march down the field with ABSOULUTELY no pressure on Flacco and HORRIBLE pass coverage at the most critical time of the game. I just had flashbacks of the last 2 Super Bowl losses. They can’t play like this in the playoffs.

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