2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Virginia vs Penn State

Virginia Cavaliers
RB #33 Perry Jones (5’8″, 195)
Looks very quick and is able to beat Penn State’s defense to the edge for a first down
Has not found consistent rushing lanes and has been caught in the backfield often
Not heavily utilized in the first-half offense; enters halftime with negative rushing yards
Looks to get upfield quickly while running inside and plays with some power
Gains yards after the catch in order to convert a first down in the passing game
Is able to make the first man miss on a screen pass and convert for a first down
Very impressive while running in open space; great burst/elusiveness

Overview: Jones is a fast, shifty back who unfortunately was not very effective against a Penn State defensive front which seemed to penetrate into the backfield almost immediately on Jones’ carries. His biggest contributions came in the passing game (four catches) and he should draw some late-round interest in the draft as a change-of-pace back.

TE #89 Colter Phillips (6’6″, 250)
Does not look athletic enough to challenge defenses vertically; runs short routes
Does a nice job of cutting out a linebacker’s legs on an outside run
Not on the field often; replaced by Jake McGee for the majority of snaps

Overview: Phillips was completely overshadowed by the sophomore Jake McGee, who caught four passes for 99 yards and a touchdown. Phillips’ size could get him consideration as an undrafted free agent, but he doesn’t appear to offer much as a receiving option and his ceiling may be as a third or fourth tight end.

LT #72 Oday Aboushi (6’6″, 310)
Pulls and gets away with a blatant hold on an outside run which results in a first down
Very active hand use but appears to get a little bit grabby in pass protection
Looks good in pass protection but occasionally has trouble locking onto his man
Pancakes Michael Mauti in the rushing game and is able to get a second block as well
Flashes a mean streak and will drive opponents into the ground if he can
Powerful on initial contact; his punch is strong enough to knock defenders off balance

Overview: Aboushi’s size is obviously appealing, and he is also a powerful blocker who plays with a killer instinct. He appears to get a little bit grabby at times and may be penalized more often than most NFL offensive tackles, but projects as a potential starting tackle at the next level and should go around the third round.

RT #78 Morgan Moses* (6’6″, 325)
Looks light on his feet in pass protection and gets set up quickly considering his size
Pulls and pancakes a safety in the running game; looks quick and very powerful
Cuts out the legs of a defensive end in order to free up a screen in the passing game
Has some trouble protecting the edge against edge speed in the passing game
Allows a quarterback hit on a quick edge blitz by OLB Gerald Hodges
Is able to get to the second level and make a block on a defensive back in the screen game

Overview: Moses may opt to return to school in order to take over for Aboushi at left tackle, but he would be a pretty impressive prospect this year as well. He appeared to make a few mental mistakes and had some trouble with speed, but he is massive and nimble enough to make blocks on the move as well.

IB #53 Steve Greer (6’2″, 230)
Plays with a high motor and doesn’t give up on plays
Diagnoses the run quickly and makes the Cavaliers’ first tackle of the game
Flows to the ball well on the following first down but misses the tackle
Attacks the wrong gap and is out of position on a second-down run by Nicholson
Effectively disguises his blitz and earns a sack on a clear path to the quarterback
Works through trash and makes an arm tackle in the running game
Diagnoses the play and gets to the ball, but misses another easy tackle
Makes a tackle for loss in the backfield by wrapping up the runner’s legs

Overview: Greer plays with an extremely high level of intensity and made quite a few tackles in the game. His instincts are inconsistent; on some plays he looked very disruptive, and on some he was completely out of position. His lack of bulk and questionable tackling may relegate him to a special teams role in the NFL.

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