2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Utah vs. Utah State

Utah State

#25 Kerwynn Williams, RB
– Exhibits good explosion in the open field
– Able to make cuts at high rate of speed and accelerate out of it quickly
– Good burst to the edge, gets off tackle quickly
– Runs hard, has been able to absorb first contact and gain extra yard
– Speed looks good, change of pace or third down back at the next level?

# 4 Matt Austin, WR
– Absolutely invisible in the first half, was targeted once but couldn’t run under the deep pass
– Catches first pass in 3rd Quarter a quick out pattern, but is tackled immediately
– Austin was invisible all game. He finshed with 2 catches for 28 yards. Without coaches tape, it’s tough to evaluate how he was running his routes and if he was open.

#58 Tyler Larsen, OC (Jr.)
– Gets vey good movement off the ball, able to seal off Kruger
– Good movement on Lotuleilei intially, creates running lane
– Struggled to hold block vs. Star head up, let him get into chest and shed him
– Good double team on Star, stays hip to hip and keeps legs moving
– Lobbing his shotgun snaps, doesn’t look confident doing it
– Cotinues to play with good leverage and keeps feet moving
– Has been solid all night in pass pro, slides his feet, keeps extension with arms and mirrors defender
– Has handles Star very well in the second half, especially when head up – able to anchor vs. his intial contact

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