2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: USC vs. Stanford

Southern California

#7 Matt Barkley, QB
– Accurate pass on first play, 15 yard “in” to Lee, placed the ball a little high and led him across field\
– Quick roll out, throws pass a little early and almost intercepted
– Fits ball into very tight space with rush in his face, completes ball to Agholor goes for huge gain
– Good play action, linebackers sucked up and hits Grimble down the seam
– Pass gets knocked down, Stanford DL getting rush in his face and he has trouble getting pass over taller DL
– Pass rush at his feet, one of the first times I have seen him not step into throw and arm throw it
– Miscommunication with Robert Woods, leads to interception
– 2nd interception in a row, bad throw – tried to loft it over the hole in between CB and SAF – bad decision
– Completes accurate pass to Lee, but his footwork is rushed and awful
– Screen pass rushed due to unblocked rusher, just throws it away — looks uncomfortable
– Doesn’t even have a chance to complete 5 step drops and set feet, constant pressure from 3rd Q on.
– Best throw of the night accurate hard pass into double cover to Grimble down the seam, hits him in the hands but drops it once hit by the safety. That one’s not on Barkley
– Final drive of game, running 3 step drop with a hitch, but pass rush is already there, not much he can do
– Makes perfect pass on skinny post to Agholor, but he drops it when he hears foot steps
– Makes incredibly tough throw on 4th down, out route/backshoulder with tight coverage – Marquise Lee makes one of the best catches you’ll see. The throw is pretty special too
– Velocity hasn’t been very good all night, but ball placement has been just as good as usual

#2 Robert Woods, WR
– Takes quick pass on 4th and 19 and takes it for 24 yards all the way across the field, out running the entire defense and anglaes, showcasing his NFL speed and big play ability
– Smart plays on 3rd down, knows DB has hands on him, dives for ball to emphasis the interference, gets flag
– Can’t get off press coverage so he breaks off his route, leads to INT since Barkley thinks he is going over the top
– Drops pass over the middle that was a little off target, not a great pass but needs to catch it

#21 Nickell Robey, CB (Jr.)
– Great position vs. Montgomery on vertical route, had inside position and ran step for step – gets hand it to BPU
– Not afraid to come up hard in the run game and get a hit on the RB
– Called for PI in the endzone trying to cover TE Zach Ertz, didn’t have position, not an awful penalty
– Reads screen, comes up hard and makes tackle of Taylor

#7 TJ McDonald, FS
– Has good coverage first Toilolo down the seam on first play of the game, gets body on him
– Reads the screen, comes up in the flat and submarines block attempt by WR, makes tackle in the open field
– 3rd and short, McDonald comes into box and fills the gap, hits FB in the hole and brings him down for no gain
– Incredible closing burst, anticipates the running lane and shoots the gap quickly
– Comes up to the LOS pre-snap and lines-up as a hybrid OLB (this is the most active I have seen McDonald this year)
– Does not decelerate when attempting a tackle, many times it results in big hit, but leads to him missing many
– Great blitz from OLB position. Lines up in 2-pt stance outside shade of OT, fakes going speed rush outside and beats him across his face, closes quick on the QB, leaping into his face forcing errant throw for INT
– Blocks field goal, running a stunt beats tackle inside and shows off impressive vertical leap
– Playing in the box a lot more tonight, moving around the field and being utilized on the blitz more – playmaker
– Juked out of his shoes in the open field vs. QB Nunes, comes up too fast and out of control- gives up 1st down

#91 Morgan Breslin, DE
– A bit undersized, looks like an OLB
– Very good burst off the edge, is the first one off the ball consistently
– Looks flexible turning the corner, has some bend in his waist, knee area
– Good use of hands, beats the OT by slapping hands off and speed rushing him, OG slides out to double and he keeps pushing the pocket
– Looks like a very fluid athlete, can react and respond to initial contact and counter
– Even though he is getting pushed off the line some in run defense, he is getting his arms extended and eventually separating from the bigger OT – playing with leverage
– Loses contain on the QB when he bites on backside play action, QB roles out and has Ertz wide open in end zone
– Very good pass rush move, dipping under the OT – but, doesn’t sense the screen and lets RB escape without chipping
– Gets the sack, OT sets up too far outside protecting vs. speed rush – Breslin leverages himself inside and when QB steps up in the pocket he has an easy sack
– Reads reverse perfectly, stays at home, doesn’t take bait and tackles WR for big loss, made a nice open field tackle in the process
– Gets too aggressive on pass rush, hurries the QB but loses contain, when the QB rolls out his side of the field is wide open

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