2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: USC vs. Hawaii


#42 Paipai Falemalu, DT
– Very good frame and bulk, playing RDE
– Plays out of two point stance
– Took a couple of drives, but finally gets pressure, on a loop inside, hits Barkely as he is throwing the ball
– Not quick off the ball, the only time he has gotten pressure is on the stunt
– Used his hands nicely to take on cut by the running back. Isn’t quick enough off the edge though to get to QB
– Struggling to get off blocks and has been jarred off balance a few times by “chips”
– Continues to play high, has intriguing frame for OLB/DE linebacker in 3-4 DE. Needs a lot of work.

Overview: Has the frame to be a 3-4 OLB/DE. Isn’t a very good pass rusher. Struggled to get off blocks and the only time he got pressure was when Hawaii blitzed or ran stunts. He does exhibit good strength at the point of attack, but lacks technique. He pops up off the snap, which opens his chest up to be blocked.

#99 Haku Correa, DL
– Not getting much push at all
– Playing too high and playing mostly with strength, no athleticism
– Being used in a rotation, not much to see
– Didn’t notice him at all after the first quarter, based on what I saw so far he is a non-prospect

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