2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: UCLA vs. Nebraska


#55 Baker Steinkuhler, DT
– Has ridiculously long arms, might be too tall to play inside on the line
– Lines up over the center on third down, able to hold his ground and maintain gap control
– Struggles to get off blocks in the run game, lacks counter move, kind of just a space eater
– Can’t produce much pass rush or push against the center
– Lacking leverage, much smaller OC is handling him even tossing him to the ground
– Lines up head up OG, gets good extension, pushing him into the RB clogging running lane
– Struggles to do much when the play isn’t run right at him, not very quick and won’t make many plays on the perimeter

#3 Damion Stafford, SS
– Reads the screen pass, able to avoid the blockers, takes a great angle and makes aggressive tackle for loss
– Comes up with the forced fumble, has been around the ball all night
– Makes strong tackle at the sticks, breaks on underneath route and wraps up
– Closes quick on the tight end, has shown good anticipation tonight
– Has been solid tonight on the underneath crossing routes and when the play has been in front of him
– Took poor angle on Franklins long run, cost him another 20 yards

#34 Cameron Meredith, DE
– Slow to get off the ball
– Gets his hands into the OT’s chest and drives him back, but lacks a second move
– Takes the play fake and crashes too fair down the line, creates large cut back lane for running back
– No true pass rush moves, just tries to bull rush, OT – Not real sudden or quick either
– Gets a hard-working sack, QB holds the ball and steps up in the pocket, Mededith spins off block and sacks QB

#81 Ben Cotton, TE
– Maintains a good base when pass blocking, wide feet and gets arms extended
– Huge frame – looks even taller than 6’6″, but looks like he has good knee bend
– Gets good releases off the line of scrimmage, but isn’t going to run by anyone – more of a decoy/short yardage guy
– Runs a seam route with a little fake hitch after 10 yards, the route isn’t good at all and the fake hitch is more of a jab-step shoulder shrug.
– Intially beat by the DE, but he is able to re-engage and ride him out, creates huge running lane and a rushing TD

#25 Kyler Reed, TE
– Can line up in multiple spots
– Has decent quickness, with the ball in his hands he makes a defender miss and picks up a couple extra yards
– Tries to chip on the DE on sweep play, lacks any technique but, gets a little movement with help from OT
– Lines up on the line and makes a very good block on the DE, keeping contain and allows Abdullah to the outside for big gain.

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