2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Texas vs Ole Miss

Ole Miss

#6 CB Wesley Pendelton
-Playing both field and boundary corner positions, left and right side.
-False step on the outside, can’t recover, shows good speed but out ran by Olympic track athlete.
-Out ran again by Goodwin even with big cushion – getting a little high in his backpedal.
-Doesn’t track the ball in the air, beat on long bomb.
-Bites on weak play-action on the goal line.
-Pancaked by receiver block.
-Sets the edge, can’t wrap up on running back – looks defeated.

Overview: Not much stood out with Pendelton – he didn’t look like an NFL caliber cornerback, but his speed might give him a look on special teams.

#76 OG AJ Hawkins
-Lining up at right guard.
-Called for false start.
-Pulls across the formation, moves well but can’t find anyone to block.
-Too high out of his stance, pushed back easily by defensive tackle.
-Combo block on DT, then crushes linebacker on the second level.

Overview: When he kept his pad level down, Hawkins held his own against the Texas interior line. He moved decently in the run game and stayed active in pass protection. I’ll need to see him some more before I give a full opinion.

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