2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: South Carolina vs Vanderbilt


#84 DT Rob Lohr
-Lining up at defensive tackle and defensive end.
-Nice push/pull move, flushes QB out of pocket.
-Decent first step for a defensive tackle.
-Gets some pressure after slow outside move, can’t bring the QB down.
-Penetrating interior move, blows up the run play.
-Pursues down the line, levels Lattimore with a big hit.
-Shows off some counter moves trying to get around the guard.

Overview: Made a couple of splash plays and showed some versatility lining up in some different positions.

#15 OLB Archibald Barnes
-Playing a variety of linebacker positions, also on special teams – looks like a leader on the field.
-Great tackle on punt coverage, wrapped up and brought him down.
-Drops into coverage, closes on scrambling QB and forces him out of bounds.
-Bad false step, can’t chase down Lattimore from behind.
-Couldn’t get off block by receiver.
-Loses ball on zone-read, sealed by h-back.
-Non-contact injury, shaken up on the field – returns later.
-Gets off a block from the guard, assists on the tackle.
-Looks comfortable in zone, reading routes and breaks quickly on the ball.
-Takes a nasty cut block and still nearly makes the tackle, good balance.
-Monster hit on Lattimore, closed on the ball quickly and dislodged the ball.

Overview: Versatile linebacker that showed some true leadership and toughness. Made a couple of mistakes, but had the athleticism to make some nice plays in coverage. I really liked what Barnes had to offer as a sub-package linebacker.

#11 QB Jordan Rodgers
-QB draw, shows some decent speed and elusiveness.
-Makes a couple of DL miss, but ultimately sacked.
-Finds the open checkdown after going through progressions.
-Picked off on throwback screen, linebacker sniffed it out.
-Reads left to right across the field, delivers accurate ball.
-Under siege, escapes pocket but gets sacked again.
-Escapes pocket again, throws ill-advised wobbler across his body, somehow completes it.
-Makes the right read, throws the ball a bit wide, had the touchdown.
-Running around like a crazy man, stripped to end the half.
-Fumbles ball and recovers it, looked like a botched play-action.
-Gets the ball out late against pressure, ball thrown behind.
-Fires ball into second window on “tosser” concept (1 and 3 yard slants), ball dropped.
-Excellent speed to gain the edge, body control evident turning the corner and staying in bounds.
-Nice touch on deep ball, but safety able to knock the ball down.
-Play-action, finds his primary receiver and makes a perfect pass.
-Another fumble – looked like a botched pump-fake.
-Finds the soft spot in the zone and drops the ball in between the LB and SAF.
-Another scrambling first down, great escapability.
-Dropped a perfect touch pass into Matthews, but ball was dropped again.

Overview: His receivers and offensive line didn’t help him out much, but Matthews was a bit inconsistent with his accuracy and ball handling. His running game was phenomenal and was easily one of the best escape artists I’ve seen.

#2 RB Zac Stacy
-Counter move, finds a small crease and falls forward.
-Nice cutback, saw the hole and burst through it.
-Has some nice shiftiness, tough to read where he is going.
-Chases down linebacker from behind to save touchdown.
-Steps out of one tackle, then runs over safety – nice burst.
-Another good outside run, made a linebacker miss in the hole.
-Always seems to get an extra yard or two on the end of each run.
-Runs with good pad-level, finishes each run.

Overview: Really liked Stacy’s game. He didn’t see a ton of carries, but he got the maximum yards possible on each of them. I’d like to see more of him in this offense.

#69 OG Josh Jelesky
-Lined up at right guard.
-Pulls across the formation, strong block on Clowney.
-Pad level gets a little high, but controls DT with his hands.
-Demolished by Clowney on attempted pull.
-Good anchor, arm extension in pass protection.
-Combo block on DT, gets some good push.
-Saves a sack by helping out the right tackle, pancakes Taylor.

Overview: Was matched up against some tough linemen and held his own. He made some nice plays in protection and looked decent moving in the run game.

#62 OG Ryan Seymour
-Lined up at left guard.
-Good use of leverage, used DL’s quickness against him.
-Effective combo blocker, helping out in pass protection.
-Fights DT to a stalemate, doesn’t quit on his blocks.
-Pulls across the formation, not incredibly quick.

Overview: Average guard that played with some smarts. Didn’t impress or disappoint in either run blocking or pass protection.

#86 TE Austin Monahan
-Nice second level block, levels the linebacker.
-Misses the help block, allows Clowney to blow up the RB.
-Whiffs on block attempt, nearly didn’t get a hand on Holloman.
-Good block on safety in short-yardage, seals him off.

Overview: Wasn’t used much in the passing game and was inconsistent in the blocking game.

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3 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: South Carolina vs Vanderbilt”

  1. Bamalaw says:

    Thoughts on Clowney? I know he’s just a sophomore but the most detailed scouting report I’ve seen on him is “ohmigod freak beast.”

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