2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: San Diego State vs. Washington

Keith Price Washington QB

Washington QB Keith Price has a big year ahead of him. (Photo: US Presswire)


NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

This game was a little closer than it perhaps should have been. Washington came out firing in the first half, but with offensive line struggles in the second half came a stalled offense.

This Washington team is ripe with young, raw prospects. See what the 2013 draft and beyond has in store below.


#6 Desmond Trufant CB
-looks good coming off the edge in the blitz.
-not easily blocked by WRs, around the ball a lot.
-gets too high out of his backpedal too fast
-lines up split out wide and in the slot
-great tackler. has a nose for the ball. Nice instincts.
-trails well. Doesn’t get beat deep, but doesn’t show off great technique.
-lines up at safety at times as well
-very good corner against the run
-crumbles to the ground on blitz in non-contact injury
-defense immediately looks worse without Trufant.
-looks like he could be a quality nickel cornerback. I don’t love what I’m seeing from him split out wide, but he’s great against the run and looks good in the slot. Hamstring injury wasn’t serious.

#73 Drew Schaefer C
-Misses a couple blocks running in space on the screen, isn’t controlled in space.
-Winds up on the ground after blocking no one.
-winds up on the ground again
-much better when he’s asked to stay on the line than he is in space
-gets pushed back way too easily, needs to improve footwork. Gets upright too easily.
-better in pass protection than he is against the run.
-on the ground again.
-should be the anchor of the line, but gets pushed around far too much
-When he can square up and get his pad level down, he holds his ground well. Struggles with technique too often.
-Not an impressive performance for the senior captain. He needs to improve before the rest of the rest of the line can.

#17 Keith Price QB – JR
-Tried to fire a ball into ASJ in tight coverage, deflected.
-Roles out well on the boot, throws well on the run.
-throws a tight spiral, good arm angle, high release point.
-Shows good pocket presence, dances around a bit too much at times. Makes something out of nothing.
-Gets the ball out fast.
-Throws off his backfoot, still hits his target for the first down, but it’s a bad habit he needs fixing.
-continues to impress me throwing on the move. Doesn’t seem to lose any accuracy.
-Screen passes and lack of time in pocket has him throwing off back foot too often
-holds onto the ball too often. Can’t afford to get hit as often as he does.
-Makes another nice throw on the run. Get out of the pocket and avoids pressure very well.
-Needs to improve overall arm strength. Ball can wobble a little bit as he throws it deep.
-Lots of quick passes in the UW offense. Timing based, but fits the ball into small spaces.
-Delivered a pass 45 yards on a line on the run to the perfect place, Kasen Williams pushed off to get separation for PI though.
-Faster than he may be given credit for, not a great runner though. More of a one cut guy when he’s in space.
-May actually be a much better passer on the run. Needs to work on pocket passing. Doesn’t throw with the same kind of zip.
-offensive line is crumbling around him in the second half. Doesn’t have any time.
-Very good at delivering the mid-range pass over the middle.
-take the snap from center, rolls out to boot, misfire on deep ball. Deep accuracy not as good as his short to intermediate.
-can definitely get out of a mess with his legs when forced.
-Needs to bulk up and improve arm strength, but has a ton of potential. Very impressive accuracy, especially rolling out on the run. Underrated wheels.

#22 Josh Shirley DE – RS SOPH
-Showed some great change of direction on a stunt, grabbing a QB hit
-Isn’t very sturdy against the run. Gets blocked out easily.
-Absolutely flies off the snap and shows incredible closing speed.
-Already flashes an impressive spin move, tracks down QB across pocket for the sack
-Can’t set the edge at all, gets blocked out way too easily against the run
-got another sack on the two point conversion
-can get a much stronger push against the pass than he can against the run. Always in the backfield.
-Better against the run in space.
-Great raw pass rusher, good thing he’s young, can’t hold his ground against the run at all so far. Doesn’t use his hands a whole lot, but his speed and spin move get him into the backfield often.

#88 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE – SOPH
-dropped first pass
-makes an impressive first move for a big man on screen to get extra yards
-Uses height/size well, snatches the ball away from his body. Doesn’t run the most crisp routes, something to improve upon.
-lined up all over the field, split out wide a lot
-does a nice job in run blocking, seals off the edge to make a big hole for RB
-Doesn’t have elite speed, but gets open using athleticism/strength
-Really impressive runner in space, uses power and shifty combo well
-Again catches the ball away from his body and is immediatley making moves to get extra yardage.
-bruising TE. Force after the catch.
-Could run tighter routes, but gets open.
-better blocker than most college players. Uses leg drive very well, gets good pad level.
-looks comfortable in pass block as well. nice footwork.
-in pass blocking one snap, lined up at the X the next snap.
-footwork after the catch looks Hernandez-esque at times in screen passes.
-Could absolutely be the next Gronk. Great blocker, great receiver, uses big body well to get separation.

#71 Danny Shelton NT – SOPH
-Big body, but gets pushed out of the play too often
-gets turned around, once again doesn’t hold ground one on one
-moves very well for his size.
-gets popped and pancaked, can’t have that happen as a NT.
-doesn’t flash great balance, gets pushed down too often. not the best game here for Shelton.
-Has a lot of potential, but didn’t flash it much against SDSU, beat by Alec Johnson a lot.

#7 Shaq Thompson S – FRESH
-Set the edge well against the run on the first play of the game.
-might set the edge better than Shirley
-lines up at S, CB, OLB, KR
-SDSU is kicking way from Shaq
-Has a nose for the ball
-Looks good as a slot corner, physical at the line.
-blankets TE in coverage – could be a major weapon when he’s eligible vs. athletic TEs.
-This true freshman is a player to watch for the next three years. Took on a giant role here, very impressive.

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