2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Michigan vs Alabama

Michigan Wolverines

#16 QB/ATH Denard Robinson
-Accurate on early throws, but cornerbacks are breaking early on the ball.
-Patient in the pocket, but scrambles up the middle and takes big hit.
-Overthrows his receiver down the field, ball sails high.
-Stands in against the pressure, delivers good ball down the field.
-Struggling to find open receivers downfield.
-Wide receiver jammed to the ground, pass intercepted – injured making the tackle.
-Does not look good throwing the ball at all.
-Accurate deep ball, but floats the ball a bit – gave the CB time to recover.
-Awful decision, didn’t see the “mike” underneath in zone – throws a pick six.
-Perfect touch on 45-yard in the air bomb.
-Quick moves and good vision to see the cutback, goes in for touchdown on QB draw.
-Finds the open receiver against safety blitz, a bit behind but a good throw.
-Misses wide open receiver in the flat – overthrew him.
-Fumbles the snap, incredible effort to make a couple guys miss and stretch for the first.
-Finds the open receiver deep down the field.
-Buys some time in the pocket with his feet, nice touch on deep out route – fit it in between the corner and the safety.

Overview: Robinson is not a quarterback at the NFL level, but that doesn’t mean he won’t play there. His elusiveness and speed will get him drafted early as a wide receiver/gadget guy. His durability might be his biggest question, although you can’t question his toughness.

#21 WR Roy Roundtree
-Gets a clean release, can’t adjust to a slightly off-target ball.
-Willing blocker, gets a piece of a few defensive backs on screen.
-Settles in the soft spot on slant, makes a hands catch.

Overview: Could only muster two catches for 12 yards against the Crimson Tide – he won’t be the last talented wide receiver to get shut down by the stout Alabama defense.

#77 OT Taylor Lewan
-Lining up at left tackle.
-Extends his arms and easily drives through the defensive end.
-Finishing blocks with authority, has some nasty in him.
-Called for a facemask penalty, poor hand placement, missing his chest.
-Good pad level, anchors well against the bull rush.
-Called for holding penalty.
-Keeps a nice wide base, handles the push/pull move with ease.
-Gets to the second level quickly, seals off the linebacker.
-Lunging a bit in run situations, needs to remain balanced.
-Nice hand placement and anchor against bull-rush, stops the DE cold.
-Called for a false start.
-Technically sound, uses good angle to seal the edge and create some room.
-If he gets locked on, DL are having a very tough time disengaging.
-Natural bender, plays with a good pad level.
-Picks up linebacker blitz easily, nice footwork.
-Bangs up his right leg – hobbles off the field – replacement immediately beaten for a sack.

Overview: Lewan is an elite left tackle prospect, but is still just a prospect at this point. He is a natural bender and looks like he has improved his strength from last year. The penalties in this game will need to be cleaned up, but there was a lot to like from Lewan on a night where not much went right for the Wolverines.

#88 DE Craig Roh
-Playing defensive end and tackle.
-Getting man-handled by the left tackle early on.
-Cut block takes him to the ground.
-Gets some push on a bull rush, but loses his balance and is pushed to the ground.
-Can’t disengage from blocks once OL locks on.
-Gets some pressure on end/tackle stunt, nice rip and push.
-Nice bull rush, slaps the tackle’s hands away.
-Takes shot from RB in pass protection, forced an early throw.

Overview: I wasn’t a huge fan of Roh last year when we scouted Michigan and that hasn’t changed yet. He is a nice effort player that just doesn’t have the athleticism to make a big impact against an offensive line like Alabama.

#25 LB Kenny Demens
-Playing inside linebacker.
-Taken out of play by the center, blown back.
-Fullback handles him in the hole, looks physically over-matched.
-Takes on block from pulling guard, holds his ground and assists on the tackle.
-Misses tackle badly in zone coverage, didn’t lay a hand on the receiver.
-Decleated in pursuit by receiver.
-Slips block from right guard, makes the tough open field tackle on Yeldon.

Overview: Demens was physically over-matched by the powerful running backs and blockers from Alabama.

#32 SS Jordan Kovacs
-Playing safety, moving around a lot – often in the box.
-Drops into the box, misses jam on receiver.
-Good open field tackle on Yeldon, wrapped up the legs.
-Comes on a blitz, stoned by right tackle.
-Sets the edge, looks comfortable playing as the 8th man in the box.
-Solid open field tackle, wraps up lower body.
-Shoots past the blocker, wraps up for a tackle for loss.
-Such a fundamentally sound tackler, great to watch.
-Comes on safety blitz, changes direction well, chases WR twenty yards down the field – great hustle.
-Picks his way through the trash, assists on the tackle.
-Misses a tackle, Yeldon spun out of his wrap-up attempt.
-Can’t arm tackle the fullback, just too powerful.
-Bounces off of Fowler again, who is running over the entire Michigan defense.

Overview: Kovacs had a good night for Michigan’s defense, which was over-matched as a whole. He showed good tackling fundamentals and the willingness to stick his nose in there against bigger and stronger players. He missed a few tackles on the powerful Fowler, but was maybe the only Wolverine to figure out how to tackle T.J. Yeldon.


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