2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Kansas State vs Miami

Miami (FL)

#21 CB Brandon McGee
-Lining up as both field and boundary corner.
-Playing press bail, press man, man off, some zone.
-Couldn’t disengage from WR’s block.
-Eventually disengages from block, tackles RB very high.
-Loses man on switch route, gives up touchdown.
-Press man, forces outside release, elevates and make impressive interception.
-Fights through a block, assists in the run game.

Overview: Magee had a tough time getting off blocks, but looked good in coverage. His interception was a thing of beauty. I’d like to watch him against more of a passing offense before I give my full opinion.

#98 DT Darius Smith
-Lining up as 1-tech defensive tackle.
-Doubled initially, pushed backwards five yards.
-Tries outside move, caught by strong punch in his chest.
-Decent pad level, getting his hands up in passing lanes when he can’t get push.
-Nice surge off the snap at the goal line.
-On skates, turning his back and just can’t anchor against double team.
-Gets a little penetration, makes the QB cut in the backfield.
-Quick reaction on the snap, gets under the guard’s pads and gets into the backfield.

Overview: When Smith wasn’t doubled, he was able to create some push and disrupt some plays. Unless he gets some help on the defensive line though, he is going to be doubled a lot.

#5 RB Mike James
-No room early on, K-State blowing up the Miami offensive line.
-Decisive cut in the backfield, bounces off a shoulder tackle and gets a few extra yards.
-Takes the flip, can’t gain the edge – looks like good but not elite speed.
-Shows some good vision, makes the right cut and shows a nice burst.
-Hands catch on the sideline, able to make some yards after the reception.

Overview: Miami was behind early so James didn’t get a lot of opportunities, looked like he had a nice burst and could contribute in the passing game as well.

#1 WR Allen Hurns
-Shallow crossing route, makes nice adjustment to the ball, throttled down and snagged it.
-Rounded post route, makes the body catch and is hurt on the play.
-Did not see him return.

Overview: Didn’t see much from Hurns due to the injury, but looked good enough to warrant watching again when healthy.

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