2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Kansas State vs Miami

Arthur Brown Linebacker

Arthur Brown and the Kansas State Wildcats smashed Miami. (Photo: US Presswire)


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

This game was an utter blowout for the Kansas State Wildcats, although it was a great showcase for just how great of a college quarterback Collin Klein is.

Read on to see how the Miami Hurricane and KSU draft prospects performed.

Kansas State

#4 LB Arthur Brown
-Lining up as inside linebacker – nice low stance, good bend.
-Sees the loose ball, picks it up and gets a few yards on the fumble recovery.
-Flows to the outside, tracks the ball well.
-So fast to the ball, perfect angle gets him the tackle for loss.
-Flying to the ball on every play – in on a ton of tackles.
-Pump faked by QB off his feet, allows his escape from the backfield.
-Disciplined on reverse, forces the play inside.
-Flies over tight end, needs to tackle lower.
-Slips a block, closes quickly on QB and makes the sack.

Overview: Love Brown’s athleticism and instincts, have to think that he’ll make a fantastic “Will” in a 4-3 scheme at the next level – he just gets to the ball.

#2 LB Justin Tuggle
-Lining up as outside linebacker and rush end.
-Walked out on the slot, slows down the WR on screen, assists on tackle – changes direction well.
-Flies inside to the ball, tries to shoulder the RB down, doesn’t wrap up.
-Looks very fast in pursuit, chases the RB down from the backside.
-Spills the play to the outside, nice hit on the RB.
-Times up blitz, but RT stays with him on speed rush.
-Flying all over the field, throws his body around.
-Comes around the edge, never breaks stride, chases QB down for the sack.
-Explosive, flexible – disrupts passing lane with flying leap.
-Tries inside move, engulfed by bigger linemen.
-Can’t finish the tackle, but shows good change of direction skills at full speed.

Overview: Tuggle is a guy that I would want on my football team. He needs coached up in some technique areas – he has a lot of wasted motion and doesn’t always tackle fundamentally –

#24 CB Nigel Malone
-Lining up as both field and boundary corner, right side.
-Breaks down in space, solid open field tackle.
-Man off coverage, allows reception on post, comes up and gives WR a pop.
-Sealed outside on WR screen, couldn’t get off block.
-Beat on curl/post, but bailed out by tipped pass.
-Fights off cut block from WR and assists on tackle, shows good balance and body control.

Overview: Malone wasn’t tested much in the passing game, but did give up a couple of receptions. He was active in run support and still looks like a sub-package cornerback at the next level.

#12 SS Ty Zimmerman*
-Lining up as deep safety.
-Poor angle in coverage, pancaked by TE, gives up huge play.
-Closes on the receiver and wraps up for solid open field tackle.
-Overruns receiver, misses the open field tackle.
-Makes an early break on the ball, but half a second late getting there.

Overview: He looked comfortable in coverage as well as supporting the run, but Zimmerman didn’t tackle as well as he did when I watched him last year. The K-State defensive backs were not challenged much.

#7 QB Collin Klein
-Under center, pistol, shotgun sets all being used.
-QB sneak on 3rd and 1, surges for the first.
-Has to call timeout as play-clock was running out.
-Reads across the field, misses an open receiver, but hits his 3rd option on comeback.
-Delivery is a bit slow, winds up.
-Hits slant route in stride, led the receiver into open space.
-QB draw, sets up his blocks, nearly impossible to take down one on one in open space.
-Looks to be making his own calls at the line this year.
-Fakes option, powers in for the touchdown.
-One handed pump fake, nice touch on stutter-go – completes long pass.
-Follows blockers on QB draw, goes in for another touchdown.
-Hits WR in stride on shallow cross.
-Beautiful location on seam route for the touchdown.
-Needs to get it out quicker though at next level, patted the ball when he should have thrown.
-Tries ridiculous behind the back pass – doesn’t work and I have to question the play call rather than the execution.
-Covers so much ground, gains five when you think he only got one or two.
-Surges forward for another rushing TD – 3rd so far.
-Recognizes blitz, steps up through it and converts the 3rd down – elusive runner.
-Questionable lofted throw into single coverage, picked off.
-Very accurate on his crossing routes, properly leads the receiver.
-Perfect touch on seam route, hits the TE right over his shoulder – 58 yard gain.

Overview: It’s tough to watch Klein and not see Tim Tebow – mostly due to the slow delivery and running ability. That said, Klein might be just as good as runner and is certainly a more accurate passer. Klein’s touch was very impressive and ran the ball like a man possessed. I wouldn’t bet against Klein.

#3 WR Chris Harper
-Lined up as an outside receiver.
-Gets the cornerback to flip his hips, works back to the ball on comeback route.
-Snagged the ball away from his body.
-Can’t bring in tough catch on slant route, tried to shield CB but defender made a nice play.
-Nice downfield block on reverse, extended arms and got some good push.
-Another good block downfield on run, sustaining blocks very well.

Overview: Showed good blocking skills and ran some good routes, not featured much in the Wildcats offense.

#37 FB Braden Wilson
-Lined up as fullback and h-back.
-Meets linebacker in the hole, good pad level, turns his hips and drives him back.
-Motions across the formation, pushed back by OLB, got a little high.
-Gets his head to the outside, seals the edge on reverse.
-Meets the linebacker head on, wins the leverage battle and turns him away.

Overview: Fullback is a dying position in the NFL, but Wilson has the skills to make it at the next level. He lead blocks very well from a variety of positions and can contribute on special teams.

Check out the Miami draft prospects on page two.

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