2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Illinois vs Arizona State

Arizona State

#10 SS Keelan Johnson
-Lining up at safety, playing close to the box as well as deep.
-Flying to the ball, getting in on every gang tackle.
-Breaks down in space, puts a good hit on the RB, but doesn’t wrap up.
-Flies up on WR screen, wraps up in space for the tackle.
-Breaks down in space, wraps up on mobile QB – delivers big hit.
-Another open field tackle – showing off great tackling fundamentals.
-Turned in the open field by ball carrier, could n’t make the tackle.
-Loses tight end in goal line coverage, didn’t finish the play.

Overview: Johnson was a tackling machine against Illinois, only missing one tackle while racking up double digits for himself. He wasn’t tested much in coverage though, which is something we’ll look for in the future.

#6 RB Cameron Marshall
-Off tackle, gets skinny through the hole, knocked down on first contact.
-Easy catch on replace route, fights for an extra yard.
-Another easy catch, makes a move on nobody, then bursts ahead for some easy yards.
-Nice cutback, breaks a tackle for a big gain.
-Fumbles on the goal line – poor exchange.
-Patient run to the outside, brought down trying to cutback.
-Running behind his pads, falling forward on contact.
-Runs into his OL’s back on goal line.
-Nice second effort, reaches the ball over for a touchdown.
-Runs out of ankle tackle, nice power.

Overview: Marshall showed that he can be a nice short-yardage / power back that can also contribute in the passing game.

#72 OG Andrew Sampson
-Lining up as right guard.
-Pulls across the line, seals the linebacker on the second level.
-Nice initial punch on defensive tackle.
-Got a little high out of his stance, pushed back and up by strong punch.
-Wins the leverage battle, allows DT to take himself out of play.
-Moves to the outside, seals the linebacker outside.
-Combo block on Spence, allows no push.
-Fights spence to a stalemate, good hand placement inside.
-Nice surge on goal line, fired out of stance.
-Mirrors defensive tackle, keeps hands inside.

Overview: Sampson held his own against the talented Illinois defense. He showed good technique and enough athleticism to play at the next level.

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