2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Florida State vs. Clemson


#23 Andre Ellington, RB
– On long TD pass, he stepped up in the hole and got JUST enough of Dawkins for Boyd to get pass off – Overpowered easily though
– Great vision on the screen, one cut and then outruns the FSU defense, EXPLOSIVE
– Turns the corner with ease, able to outrun defensive linemen who have good angle on him
– Waiting until the last second to make his cut and then he explodes through hole – can go from 0 – 60 very fast
– Explosive pass catcher out of backfield, soft hands outruns coverage and turns SAF around for long TD
– Every time the ball is in his hands he is one move away from taking it to the house – Play-maker
– Makes subtle little cuts, without losing any speed at all, has outstanding balance and body control
– Catches the ball and gets up-field in one motion, everything is just smooth with the way he does things

#6 DeAndre Hopkins, WR (Jr.)
– Gets behind the defense and catches the ball with SAF right on him, outruns entire D for 60 yard TD
– Catching ball with his hands with CB draped all over him
– Runs a nice hitch route, works his way back to the ball just enough to shield it from CB, picks up some YAC
– Nice stutter step to get inside on Rhodes on 3rd down, in position to make the play but Rhodes breaks up pass
– Hopkins has legitimate speed, has beat coverage a number of times tonight

#31 Rashard Hall, FS
– Poor angle on the Manuel keeper, gets out run by the much bigger QB
– Gives away his run blitz too early, Manuel audibles out to off tackle run for a touchdown
– Great open field tackle on sweep, comes up hard and face and undercuts RB for a loss
– Blitzes hard off the tackle forces Manuel to roll away and rush throw a little bit
– Poor attempt to get off the block vs. the screen, effort, technique minimal
– Step late reading and reacting, has gotten caught inside the hashmarks a couple times leaving window to throw
– Poor effort/angle on Wilder run, makes uncoordinated tackle attempt and misses
– Another bad angle on Thompson run, Thompson runs right by him and into the end zone

#97 Malliciah Goodman, DE
– Incredibly slow off the ball in a four point stance
– Tries to dip under and turn corner on OT, but looks stiff and limited
– Lines up at LDE on next play, tries to dip under again this time he falls down and gets pushed into the ground
– Gets completely sealed inside and EJ Manuel runs off tackle for a first down, awful technique
– Getting blocked time and again by the much smaller Nick O’Leary
– Using his hands/arms better in the late second Q – but still struggling to look fluid while moving
– Gets destroyed off the line on Wilder long run, didn’t have a shot to anchor

#80 Brandon Ford, TE
– Lines up at H-Back scores TD on wheel route
– Gets good separation vs. Jones again, goes up to catch the ball and get feet in bound – athletic play
– Lining up in slot, not getting off the line very fast, and not Sharp running out route
– Another wheel route down the right sideline, makes atheltic catch over the shoulder, out running the CB
– Very good speed for a Tight end, needs major work as a blocker, but as a moveable H-Back/Joker TE he has potential
– 2nd TD of the night, good concentration, tipped ball, tracks in in the air and makes the catch – walk in TD

#55 Dalton Freeman, OC
– Great push off the ball on Watkins run up the middle, able to get under the DT and push him 10 yards off the ball
– Struggling to hold his blocks vs. Dawkins, Dawkins getting lower than him and sliding off
– Has been very good shotgun snapping all night
– Gets blown up on QB draw, driven into the backfield, right into Boyd ruins the play
– Feet are slow most of the night, hasn’t been moving very well
– Bad shotgun snap to Ellington on two point conversion, way over his head

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2 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Florida State vs. Clemson”

  1. Bronchitis says:

    Werner has been battling bad bronchitis and took fluids in the hospital Friday night FYI…

  2. jibri says:

    I would like EJ Manuel as Brady’s backup

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