2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Florida State vs. Clemson

Tank Carradine was a BEAST all game vs. Clemson.

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

The marquee match-up in college football this week features two top ten ACC teams that are loaded with NFL talent. The Florida State defense alone should have at least five or six players drafted in the 2013 Draft. Clemson lost a talented senior class to the NFL but, has it’s own share of talent. The Tigers boast one of the top Senior RB’s in the nation in Andre Ellington.

This is a critically important game for both programs. Which prospects shined in the national spotlight and elevated their draft stock? How did Andre Ellington fare against the loaded front seven of FSU and which FSU defender stood out the most? These are all questions answered in my scouting notes.

Florida State

#27 Xavier Rhodes, CB (Jr.)
– Stays with tight end dragging across formation, stays with his man instead of attacking bootleg QB – short gain
– Close very quick on the screen to Watkins, beats block
– Loves to play at the LOS, shows strength by getting jam on WR with only on hand
– Thick build one of the stronger looking CB I have seen, can DEFINITELY play safety as well if needed
– Press bail coverage, plays outside leverage knowing he has help inside
– Keeps low center of gravity, opens up hips nicely and stays in Hopkins hip pocket across the middle
– Beat inside on 3rd down, but able to reach around and knock ball away, big time PBU

#91 Tank Carradine, DE
– Heads up play on fake field goal, gets off block and out into open field to tackle receiver at the line
– Gets too high when trying to stop the run up the middle, gets pushed off the line and pancaked
– Using his hand very well in tight spaces to get free, just gets to Ellington late
– Gets free sack when he is unblocked on the twist, looks very athletic in open space -closed quick
– Showing explosion off the snap, getting pressure on every snap, even when blocked he is pushing the pocket
– Reading and reacting in the run game, staying at home and making sure he maintains outside leverage to guard vs the reverses that Clemson loves to run – disciplined
– Looks good turning the corner vs. OT, loses his balance when he tries to dip and go low on Boyd – Boyd escapes by stepping up in the pocket
– Using his hands to get extension/stay clean and disengage while pass rushing
– Getting such good extension with his long arms, the LT has been off balance each play, Tank doing what he wants
– Shows off speed and athleticism chasing down Ellington to the sideline from the option, goes hard
– Continually gets off blocks in run coverage, sets the edge hard and is sitting there waiting for RB
– Has been a beast all night, unblockable, sacks, pressures, but also major impact in the run game

#3 EJ Manuel, QB
– Good play-fake on the bootleg, carries the ball high, able to get the ball off quickly on the run
– Shows off tremendous athleticism, runs QB off tackle and outruns the right side of Clemson Def for big gain
– Very good arm strength, makes good throw leading his WR on crossing route – Improve pocket presence
– Rolls out to his right, delivery is rushed a little bit and he over throws TE O’Leary
– Good play action, lets window open and hits O’Leary for big gain in zone soft spot, ball is a little high
– Locked onto O’Leary, completed the pass but watched him the whole time
– Goes through his progressions, nothing open so he checks it down to RB – has done that well tonight
– Making very smart decisions, if play isn’t there he is checking down or running
– Tacklers just bounce off of him, just a HUGE QB
– Throws behind RB who is wide open in flat, has to hold up a second, which limits the gain
– Great job selling the screen, hangs into to the last possible second, takes hit and gets off pass
– Wastes 30 seconds not getting team lined up in two minute drill, then offense draws a penalty
– Hasn’t been asked to make any tough throws yet, check downs, screens, throws into a soft zone
– Nearly intercepted on a pass more than 15 yards down field, misses high, SAF should have picked it
– Has clean pocket, not asked to make many tough throws, but he is moving the chains – FSU coaches have put him in a position to succeed tonight – only 4-5 NFL caliber throws the rest are quick passes, screens, check downs
– FINALLY a big time throw on verical route for TD – drops it in right over top of coverage, nice touch

#95 Bjoern Werner, DE (Jr.)
– Goes inside the block on the reverse, loses outside contain and allows WR to pick up yardage. Needs to maintain outside contain
– Comes up field way too hard, Ellington runs it into vacate area for TD, Werner stopped playing once Ellington was by him
– Good burst off the ball but not reacting to intial contact, trying to outspeed/power the OT, not many moves
– Has moved to a speed rush, exploding off the ball and turning the corner, still not getting to Boyd though
– Comes flat down the line of scrimmage and hits Ellington in the backfield, Ellington breaks tackle
– Fights through the block with a rip move, would like to see his hands more active, can’t finish off sack, much more active in second half
– Does great job fighting off the block and then fighting his way outside to tackle Watkins on the reverse – showed his change of direction and speed

#20 LaMarcus Joyner, SAF (Jr.)
– Works as the primary kick returner, made decisive decision and eats up yardage quickly
– Good angle on Ellington screen, was last line of defense, took aggressive angle and made hard tackle
– Closes quick from sideline to sideline, able to get from hash to sideline while ball in air
– Joyner is short, but is ultra athletic, has shown good vertical leap and plays physical for his size – plays bigger
– Biggest play of the game – 80 yard kick return, great speed and elusiveness while weaving through traffic – goes north and south even while making people miss – electric athlete

#7 Christian Jones, OLB (Jr.)
– Takes good angle on reverse, able to run down the very fast Ellington
– Very tall and long OLB, long arms with good muscle tone, could add 10 pounds and not effect him athletically at all
– Runs very well, always around the ball, opens hips and runs across middle with slot WR
– Doesn’t take the TE out of the backfield on Wheel route, leads to touchdown – breakdown in coverage
– Not staying with the TE, second time Ford has gotten open in man coverage vs. him
– Can’t keep up with Ellington out of the backfield, leads to a touchdown
– Shows off his speed by almost running him down from behind on TD
– Jones has had breakdowns in coverage, but he is one of the best athletes on the field with a great frame, I would like to see FSU utilize him as an edge rusher more or at least let him blitz up the middle
– Covers Watkins out of the slot, man to man, runs stride for stride with him and forces incomplete pass on 3rd down

#93 Everett Dawkins, DT
– Quick off the ball beats the OL and over powers the RB to get pressure up the middle
– Getting off blocks easily, getting pressure up the middle and chasing Boyd around
– Playing with good leverage stays square in the hole and brings down Boyd in the hole short of first down
– Stout vs the run up the middle, collapse the A gap and stops Ellington short of 1st down
– Gets off the ball with very good pad level, gets into backfield and looks natural changing direction with Boyd

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2 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Florida State vs. Clemson”

  1. Bronchitis says:

    Werner has been battling bad bronchitis and took fluids in the hospital Friday night FYI…

  2. jibri says:

    I would like EJ Manuel as Brady’s backup

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