2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: California vs. Ohio State


#21 Keenan Allen, WR (JR.)
- Big Body, long arms and long legs
- Gets good block on outside run by Sofele, sustains block downfield vs. Roby
- Good comeback route, works his way back to the ball and shields two defenders
- Makes great catch in tight coverage and holds on after contact to the head
- Constantly adjusting and locating poorly thrown balls, has taken a number of big hits due to being exposed
- 4th Down – fails to run his comeback route past the sticks, runs it two yards short and catches the ball
- Working as punt returner, decides against fair catch and gets tackled immediately
- Another good catch at full speed while absorbing big hit.
- Crossing route came across the field and down the line flat, didn’t zig zag, could feel hit coming but hung on.

#50 Aaron Tipoti, DT
- Undersized interior tackle
- Stays low off the ball and anchors well vs. double team
- Possesses a strong bull rush, but hasn’t created much disruption from his 3-tech
- Hasn’t played much in the second half
- When pass rushing, doesn’t have many moves has been used on loops and twists

#75 Matt Summers-Gavin, OL **DID NOT PLAY**

#57 Brian Schwenke, OC
- Gets off the ball very quickly on first play, gets good surge on double then gets to second level
- Keeps a good base and anchor vs. NT when head up, not much quickness in the feet but holds his ground
- Good double team block with LG, gets substantial movement on Hankins driving him 4-5 yards back
- DT slants to his right, not quick enough to slide with him allows him into the backfield to force a throw away
- Doesn’t move real smoothly, lumbers and pushes at the second level instead of engaging

#2 Marc Anthony, CB
- Well built CB, long arms and big frame
- Gets beat inside vs. slant on 3rd down, stays in hip pocket, but ball should have been caught (dropped)
- Jumps underneath route and lets Devin Smith get behind them for 70 yard game winning touchdown
- Keeps contain on the backside option, when it’s cut back across the field he is in position to make the play
- Has tight coverage on Devin Smith, Miller misses him deep and Anthony tries to run it down but, cant

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