2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: California vs. Ohio State

Ohio St. DT Johnathan Hankins is poised to be a top ten pick.


NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

One of the biggest games on the week three college football slate was Ohio State vs. California. Each school has been one of the most consistent producers of NFL talent over the last decade.

In 2013 both schools have a player who could be picked in the top ten of the draft. Who are the top prospects on each team this year and how did they fare on Saturday? Check out my scouting notes from the game.

Ohio State

#52 Johnathan Hankins, DT (Jr.)
– Quick first step, beats OT across his face and stops Sofele at line of scrimmage
– Gets cut down on the backside too often
– Nice use of his hands when pass rushing, swats OT hands off of him and beats him inside
– Moves to LDE when Ohio St. went to 3-4, starts in 9-Tech, comes down the line and fights off block to make tackle on the draw play
– Moving all around the DL, is creating pressure and creating havoc from each spot despite double teams
– Gets off ball quick, drives OT 5 yards back, over runs play, but is able to get cut back into hole to make tackle
– Not much in the way of pass rush moves from the end position, uses his hands to slap hands off him
– Gets off blocks very well with strength and quick feet
– Flows to the ball extremely well, stays square to the line and fights way through blocks
– Too quick for OL to get reach block on, has to be double teamed when lined up inside shade
– Beats OG through the C gap with quickness and fights through the block and shows impressive burst brining Maynard down for Sack

#54 John Simon, DL
– Lines up at both DE spots, has a good first step going forward
– Drops into coverage, but can’t get off block, looks stiff moving backwards and changing direction
– Dips inside shoulder and turns the corner on the OT, gets there a split second late
– Hasn’t shown much of a counter move, been kind of a one trick pony, speed rush off the edge
– Got off the ball slow, gets arms extended and holds the line but, gets turned inside allowing QB outside
– Beats OT off the ball and keeps bends and keeps pad level lower, dips shoulder and gets the sack
– Bites on the play action to the fullback – pitch goes outside and field side is wide open- picks up 1st down
– Gets another pressure, blocked initially but fights through Maynard gets the pass off

#43 Nathan Williams, LB
– Very good motor, chases down RB on opposite side of the field
– Looks fully recovered from knee injury last season, has his first step explosion back
– Sheds block using his hands, closes quick on Maynard gets there a split second late
– Has shown good speed off the edge, beats OT with speed rush again and forces quick throw
– Beats the block, keeps contain and then comes down the line hard to tackle Sofele for a loss
– Recognizes the draw, stays home and is in position to make tackle for a loss
– Lines up in two point stance, gets off the ball and shots his hands into the OT’s chest knocking him completely off balance
– Setting the edge well today, double teamed, but finds way to split it and force RB to bounce out
– Gets into the backfield on Bigelow’s long run, but takes slightly wrong angle causes missed tackle
– Looks tenative and a little unsure when he drops into zone, more reactive than instinctive in coverage

#77 Reid Fragel, OT
– Lines up at Right Tackle
– Not much push off the line in run block, play “patty-cake”
– His feet are really slow when pass blocking, he is holding his own, but his feet are stopping – looks robotic
– Relying on his hands too much and not blocking with power, more finesse
– Too much weight on his hand in his 3 point stance, looks off balance
– Misses his block vs. DE, moves down field and then misses the block on LB, blocks no one on the play
– Gets good movement on double team, pancakes DE, and doesn’t let him get up
– Has gotten over-exteneded a number of times this afternoon, causing him to go to the ground
– Can move well for an OT, but lacks technique to hold blocks when defender has the angle
– False start on the goal line, moves the offense back five yards – huge penalty

#11 Jake Stoneburner, TE/WR
– Gets good block and holds it on 3rd down swing pass
– Lines up inline, runs a seam right down the middle of the field, runs by the linebacker and catches ball with his hands for a big gain, has good speed for TE
– Sells the run on the goal line and slips out, to catch the TD – having his most productive game of year
– Got over-extended trying to block the DB and fell to the ground, happens often to him
– Sustains his block well down field on option play, CB has no chance to get off of it (1st time today he really sustained it well down field)
– Gets second TD of the day on similar play, sells the run block then slips behind the defense and is wide open in EZ

#44 Zach Boren, FB
– Great lead block on red zone counter play, opens huge hole, taking on the safety who was in the gap
– Runs full speed into contact and delivers huge pops
– While he gets a little upright when blocking at times, he is able to hold his blocks long enough
– Stiff when running pass routes, won’t run by anyone
– Lines up as H-Back comes in motion and gets good trap block on QB draw, was able to create running lane
– On very next play he misses the blitzing defender and forces Miller to throw it away
– Gets over-aggressive on his lead block and lets the DB slide off and make play on Miller – if he makes that block its a touchdown
– Finally gets a ball thrown to him, but it’s rushed and falls to his feet

#6 Etienne Sabino, ILB
– Gets sack on 3rd down, blitzes the B gap, after being initially blocked he gets there – coverage sack
– Good height, but skinny frame, needs to add muscle if he wants to stay inside at NFL level
– Really poor angle on Bigelow run, Bigelow was already by him when he got to sideline
– Beaten by RB CJ Anderson across his face, Maynard hits him and it goes for big gain
– Hesitated in zone coverage and failed to run with his man, created just enough room

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