2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Boise State vs Michigan State

Boise State

#20 WR Mitch Burroughs
-Willing blocker, stays with Adams down the field.
-Executes toss back play with QB Southwick.
-Settles in to soft spot in zone, makes a hands catch and fights for the first down.
-Good positioning, seals linebacker on WR screen.
-Gets some separation on deep route, couldn’t haul in fingertip grab.

Overview: The first game without Kellen Clemens wasn’t a good one for Boise State, so this was a tough game to evaluate Burroughs on. He showed good effort in his blocking and did as much as he could with the targets that came his way.

#7 RB D.J. Harper
-6th year running back, also returning kicks.
-Spin move in the backfield, can’t get back to the line.
-Runs with good pad level, bowls over a defender on kick return.
-Can’t bring in the catch underneath, had LB draped on him.
-Falls forward, gets each yard that he can.
-Hangs on to the ball despite being crushed by linebacker.
-Great cut to the inside, set up the defensive end.
-Recognizes the blitz, nice cut block to take out the defender.

Overview: Harper had a solid night, probably getting more yards than his o-line blocked for. He also looked decent returning kicks and like Doug Martin last year, was very solid in pass protection.

#61 OG Joe Kellogg
-Lining up at left guard.
-DT slips his block, left reaching at air.
-Picks up linebacker blitz, takes initial hit, resets and anchors.
-Picks up end/tackle stunt easily, changes direction well.
-Crushed by linebacker on the pull, got a bit high.

Overview: Kellogg didn’t stand out either way against Michigan State. When he kept his pads down he was able to fight to at least a stalemate with the powerful Spartan line.

#99 DT Michael Atkinson
-Lining up as a 1-tech or 3-tech defensive tackle.
-Avoids cut block attempt.
-Sheds a double team, but can’t get a hand on the ball-carrier.
-Double-teamed, locates the ball and assists on the tackle.
-Pushed back on double team, but sheds the blocks and tackles Bell.
-Anchors against single block, spins off it and makes the tackle.
-Stopped cold on pass rush, drops back and disrupts the passing lane.

Overview: I liked what I saw from Atkinson, he handled double-teams and was able to disengage from blocks quickly. High effort and showed some football IQ dropping into passing lanes when he couldn’t get a rush going.

#5 CB Jamar Taylor
-Sets a nice edge in the run game, turns Bell inside.
-Press, allows clean inside release.
-Trailing in coverage, shows good hands and concentration picking up bobbled ball – decent return.
-Smooth backpedal, but doesn’t make a quick break on the deep out.
-Man off, tight coverage leads to throwaway.
-In-phase the whole way on “go” route, nearly makes a great pick.
-Breaks down in space, solid form tackle on Bell.
-All over the WR in man, boxing him out on the sideline.
-Bounces off of TE, broke on the ball but couldn’t wrap up.
-Tries to arm tackle Bell, can’t bring him down.

Overview: Taylor made some good plays in coverage, but was inconsistent in run support. I’ve heard that he is a low 4.4 guy, but he didn’t show that speed today, I was concerned with his recovery speed.


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One Response to “2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Boise State vs Michigan State”

  1. Jake Grafton says:

    It seems to me that Anthony Rashad White (a senior), Isaiah Lewis (a junior) and Denicos Allen (a junior) are each upperclassman pro prospects as well. Should their play have been reviewed, too?

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