2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Baylor vs West Virginia


#2 WR Terrance Williams
-Lining up as outside receiver.
-Easy completion on slant route due to cushion, shows good long speed running down the field.
-Stumbles running after the catch, otherwise would not have been caught.
-Works back to the ball on curl, taken down by ankle tackle.
-Finds the hole in cover three and secures the ball being hit by CB and LB.
-Nice hands catch, snags the ball going to the ground.
-Great body control, nearly brings in impossible catch on sideline.
-Easy comeback route with the corner in soft/off man, nice move to turn around him and pick up yards after the catch.
-Strong stiff arm to gain some extra yards after the catch.
-High points the ball in a crowd, ball pops out when he is popped with a defender’s helmet.
-Great route, powers down in an instant and creates separation.
-Misses the sight adjustment, should have cut his route down against the blitz.
-Very adept at finding the soft spot in the zone.
-Shallow cross, turns on the jets and makes linebacker miss after the catch – stumbles again in the open field.
-Uses his body to shield defender, goes up and gets the ball in the end zone, shows some strength holding on the ball.
-Misses the block on the WR screen.
-Really helps out his quarterback by coming back to the ball, making Florence’s throws easier.
-Fights through pass interference, nice catch down the field.
-Good body position, makes nice catch on low ball.
-Hands catch at the high point, tucks the ball away quickly to secure the catch.
-Phenomenal body control, goes up and gets the jump ball, taps his toes in the end zone.

Overview: 16 catches and 300+ yards tells only part of the story. Williams did a fantastic job running routes and using his big body to shield defenders and fight for the ball. Has the speed to demand a big cushion and used it to his advantage finding the soft spots and presenting a nice target for his quarterback. Williams looks like a certain top 100 draft pick in 2013.

#11 QB Nick Florence
-Steps into the throw, accurate ball on deep dig, dropped and picked off.
-Sticks in against pressure, hits WR in stride on post route.
-Play action, hits the WR in small window.
-Isn’t exhibiting exceptional arm strength, but has at least an average arm.
-Escapes the pocket to avoid pressure, questionable decision not throwing the ball away and taking hit.
-Poor throw to the sideline, pushes receiver out of bounds.
-Good pocket awareness, knows when to get rid of the ball.
-Audibles into a great play, hits Williams on a comeback past the sticks on third down.
-Two hand pump fake, hits WR in stride on wheel route for long touchdown – nice touch.
-Held the safety with the pump and his eyes.
-Telegraphs the throw, nearly picked by late-moving linebacker.
-Hangs his receiver out to dry, a foot high on stop route near the sideline.
-Steps up through the pocket, finds open receiver and delivers strike on the run for the TD.
-Ball tipped, telegraphed his throw again – long wind up.
-Has a funky lower body motion, doesn’t transfer his weight very effectively.
-Felt some phantom pressure, inaccurate throw on the run, missed open receiver.
-Great throw down the seam, pretty ball hits his receiver in stride.
-Sails the ball again – third time he has missed very high.
-Getting audibles from the sideline at time.
-Missed open receiver flying down the sideline, instead through ball out of bounds.
-Nice touch on deep ball to Williams, found the single coverage and delivers the TD.
-Wobbly ball thrown outside, dangerous pass to throw against a competent defense.
-Gets a bit of surge on QB sneak, just enough for the touchdown.
-Nice run, finds the sticks and makes a linebacker miss to get there.
-Doesn’t read the defense, throws the ball directly at linebacker – lucky to not be intercepted.
-Sails another ball – make that four on the day – seems to do it against pressure.
-Nice touch on fade route, perfect timing and placement.
-Fourth down conversion and deep pass to Williams keep Baylor in the game late.
-Pumps, tries to force ball to Williams but pass is batted down.

Overview: Florence tried to keep pace with the Mountaineers offense, but he doesn’t have quite the vast array of weapons that Geno Smith has. He showed good decision making ability and some good accuracy, but his throwing motion needs cleaned up a bit if he is going to take that step up to the next level.

#78 OC Ivory Wade
-Lining up as center.
-Snapping the ball strongly and accurately.
-Fires out of his stance, gets to the second level and seals the middle linebacker.
-Effective combo blocker, uses angles well.
-Stays low out of his stance, not letting defenders get under his pads.
-Gets a little off-balance, falls to the ground.
-Active feet in pass protection, keeps head on a swivel.
-Getting a little high later in the game, jolted a couple of times.

Overview: It was tough to focus on offensive linemen with all the fireworks in this game, but Wade was a very solid pivot for the Baylor team. He was effective but not spectacular in the run game but looked in control in pass protection. I’d like to see him against a better defensive line.

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