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NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

The Patriots wrapped up their preseason play vs. the Giants last night. The game was a 6-3 thriller that featured the Patriots resting 21 of 22 starters and basically playing a bunch of 3rd teamers throughout the game. The game was not a total waste, as it was the last chance for players on the bubble to impress coaches and win a roster spot. In this film room post, I focus solely on the handful of players who are on the bubble and how they fared in the game.

First Quarter

– Eric Kettani gets lots of work on the first drive, Kettani isn’t overly physical or athletic, but has some versatility in the offense
– Malcolm Williams gets down field quick on the first punt and makes a nice tackle
– Mike Rivera and Niko Koutivides do a very good job of flowing to the ball and filling the running lane, both showed good instincts
– On Bolden’s first carry he is indecisive, stops his feet and doesn’t show enough burst
– Koutivides gets physical with TE Bear Pascoe and forces Eli Manning to check down the throw
– On the very next play Koutivides flows to the edge again and stops Wilson for no gain
– Sterling Moore gets beat out of the slot by Cruz and then misses tackle allowing extra yards
– Mike Rivera reads the run well and fills the gap, but misses the initial tackle, turning a no gain into a 3 yard run
– Jermaine Cunningham lines up inside next to Trevor Scott, he beats Mitch Petrus to the gap and then overpowers him for a sack. Cunningham showed a very good first step and kept working his way to the QB
– Bolden is much better when he can get outside, nice cutback to open field and picks up yardage
– On Bolden’s big 15 yard run, the play was designed to be run between the OT and TE, but with defender in backfield, Bolden cut outside, made a defender missed and picked up a first down
– On the same play, Daniel Fells was able to sustain his block and keep the DE from contain, which allowed Bolden to get outside
– Dan Koppen misses chipping the DT at the first level and allows him to make the tackle
– Sergio Brown with a great special teams tackle on the punt, first one down and timed up his tackle
– Alfonzo Dennard gets a very good jam on Ramses Barden, disrupts timing on the play
– Bolden tries to bounce it outside again, but Giants keep contain this time and bring him down for a loss

2nd Quarter

– First play of the quarter Eric Kettani doesn’t take the hand-off and the play breaks down. Big mistake by Kettani
– Cunningham sets the edge very well, lets the linebackers fill and stop Wilson for no gain
– Justin Francis finally shows some pass rush burst, keeps his feet churning and powers his way to Eli. Forces a quick throw which Nate Ebner almost intercepts
– Eric Kettani doesn’t have the bulk or power I would like to see from a lead blocker, he also struggles to break the first tackle
– 1st and Goal on the 10 yard line. The OL gets a very good surge, instead of Bolden running full steam ahead, he gets to the hole and cuts to his left and gets drilled. Only a 3 yard gain, but should have been 5-6 if he followed blockers
– Dan Connolly (not on bubble) playing center is driving the DT 4-5 yards off the ball in the goal to go situation. Both OG, fail to get much movement
– Trevor Scott beats the OT inside and forces a quick throw, good first step by Scott
– Francis takes plays off, fresh off a play where he shows very good burst, he is slow off the ball and not sudden
– Bolden is not a punt returner. He can’t judge the ball in the air and looks uncoordinated when trying to field it, puts it on the ground again
– Donald Thomas now in at center, isn’t getting the movement that Connolly was
– Holley HAS to catch the back shoulder throw by Mallett. Good read and good throw by Mallett.
– Dustin Waldron with one of the worst cut block attempts I have ever seen
– Darrion Weems and Derek Dennis spend way to much time on their butts or backs
– Dennard aggressive tackler, not afraid to step up and hit
– Trevor Scott finally gets to the QB, slow plays the OT, then explodes outside of him and takes down the QB by the leg.

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4 Responses to “In the Film Room: Bubble Watch”

  1. Samson Shillitoe says:

    Nice report! Appreciate both the depth of coverage plus the insights. You guys continue to be a must read. Keep up the great work!

  2. RedZone says:

    Watching the backup lineman more closely – Waldron’s cut block was bad but he looked pretty strong in pass pro the rest of the game (better than Weems/Dennis). It looked like he and Warren were probably the two best OL candidates for the practice squad. Cunningham and Francis are both beasts they made Matt McCants for the Giants look awful the entire 2nd half. Not sure if Francis will clear waivers if the Patriots try to slide him through to the practice squad.

  3. td says:

    Looked to me like Dennard, Francis & Koutevides just may force out Moore, Bequette & Carpenter.

    Ebner will probably stay as Brown gets the heave ho. Ebner looks like a great looking Safety prospect.

    • Bobthebuilder says:

      I respectedly disagree with you. I highly, highly doubt Carpenter and Bequette get cut. Moore might be a surprise cut though.

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