First Annual Fantasy Football League

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

For the first time will have their own fantasy football competition. The league will be run by NEPD Editor Mike Loyko and will be an interactive, competitive and ultimately fun way for NEPD fans to interact with each other. If you are a fantasy football fan and a fan of NEPD, you’ll want to be part of this.

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The NFL season is here, which means fantasy football season is also here!

I am excited to announce that this is the first year NEPD will be conducting their own fantasy football league. Our intention is to bring fans of NEPD and the New England Patriots together in another forum to compete for a small amount of money and to ultimately have fun. Since there are only 12 spots in the league, please leave a brief description in the comments section about why you want to be in the league and your fantasy football history.

The intention of this league will be to have fun, be active and engaged with other Patriot fans throughout the year. However, we do want only players who are serious and can fulfill their obligations throughout the year.

If you are picked to be in the league, I will send you an e-mail with the information to register and payment information. Please be advised that their will be a buy-in of $20.00 to join the league. That money gets you some NEPD swag at some point in the season and most of it goes into the pot to be distributed to the winners at the end of the season.

We are hopeful that the league will grow more competitive as the years go on, to a point where prizes and big money can be won. Players who sign up this year, will be grandfathered into the league and have the first rights to a spot.

– 12-Team Standard Scoring Fantasy Football League conducted through Yahoo.
– Live Draft will be conducted in late August, with date to be announced once league is full
– Cash pay-out to winner and runner up at the year’s end (offcial payout amount TBD)

Please leave your e-mail and fantasy football history in the comments section and Mike Loyko will contact you with further with sign-up and payment information.

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13 Responses to “First Annual Fantasy Football League”

  1. willie parker says:

    I play to win. I am 27 years old. I have 2 masters degrees, a massage degreee, I am a high school teacher where I teach sports marketing and oversee one of the most complex fantasy basketball leagues ever created, all born in my brain, I write poems, I competed in college track & field, I coached college track & field, I trained with the US bobsled team trying for a spot in vancouver but fell short, I am currently typing a run on sentence, and I would love the start a site, and I would never headbut my wife.

    Willie Parker –

  2. Derek Power says:

    I have been playing fantasy football for almost a decade. I am in 3 leagues all pay for play. I am co-commissioner in 2 of them. I spend a considerable amount of time researching and interacting in my leagues. I will bring a great amount of energy to the league. Pick me.

  3. munchkin says:

    Paul Perillo is not happy with you all:)

    I would give this a shot. I play in multiple free and pay Leagues (though I would not call them high stakes) including four Zealots Leagues (commissioner in one) and have taken part in close to 30 Draftmaster drafts on the MFL site and severl for Bryan Fontaine at PFF. My wife thinks I commit too much time to FF but I think she is crazy:)

    I am old enough to be the father of over half the people who have responded to date, have no sense of humor and spend my free time counting the leaves on my house plants.

    If you think this makes me worthy of a spot in this League you are nuttier than I am. But what the HEY.

    Seriously though, a Labor Day weekend draft would not work for me. Any chance you could make the draft a clock managed draft over a couple of days? This might make it easier for interested parties rather than having to sit in front of a computer for a sustained, consolidated time period.

    Sound like fun. Let me know the particulars if I don’t already soound like a whiney you know what.

  4. Todd King says:

    I would love to get in and represent the Pats fans here in NC… competitive in Fantasy sports is first req i would use and expect yours to be same.. LETS GO PATS let me in

  5. John wood says:

    Hi. I am a loyal pats fanatic. I have ran my own fantasy league for17 years. Although 2011 was our final year as most of my friends have either moved away, have children or just have lost interest. I however am as into fantasy football as always. I am currently looking into various websites to join other leagues but would be thrilled if i could be a part of the NEPD league! It would be awesome to be in a league with some of the greatest fans on the planet. GO PATS!!!

  6. WCPCUPBLOG says:

    Mike not sure why my first one did not work but will try again here. I am a 23 year old avid pats fan, fantasy football player and non CFL supporter from Canada. It’s not easy to locate other Pats fans up here in the north so I would relish the opportunity to challenge some fellow fans. I usually try to only divide my time between 2-3 leagues and am very competitive. I also have a job ithat allows lots of free time cause let’s face it that’s the best time to scour the waiver wire. I love a good bit a banter and hope that I get DRUG into your league. Cheers.

  7. Tony says:

    Hey Mike, I’ve been playing fantasy football for about 3 years. I’m involved primarily with dynasty leagues, but I do play in a couple of local redraft leagues. I’d love to be in a competitive league with knowledgeable (fanatical) football guys like myself. I’m 43, and I live in Texarkana, Texas. Hopefully, you won’t hold that against me. My email is

  8. Rob says:

    Hey Mike, I am a 23 year old fantasy football/ NFL draft addict. I have been looking for a league with people who would be competitive as I am. I will be active in the league everyday, trades and waivers. like most of the repliers to this post I feel I have proven myself a cut above the rest in fantasy football.
    To make this plain and simple I’m a “Do your job” player looking for a “do your job” league.


  9. Davis Mattek says:

    Hey, mike. 20 year old college student who won his first fantasy football league with my Dad and his coworkers at the age of 8. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison drug me to the title! Ever since then, fantasy football has been a huge part of my life. I have never lost money on a season, being entered in 3 to 5 leagues. I am disciple and will remain active on the waiver and with trading all year round. Email me at

  10. Carl R says:

    Hi Mike, I’m 44 yr. old Rhode Island resident and have been playing fantasy football most of my adult life. Actual stared before fantasy football preview mags and internet.. Can you believe that? Some of my best pre internet picks… Ricky Waters (last pick in 18rnd draft) and Terrell Davis (other league members ask who? (they couldn’t find him on their store brought cheat sheets).. Avid football (NFL and College) fan and NFL Draft fan (since the 1980’s)… Original founding member and commissioner of highly competitive league established in 1993… (Auction format) we switch about 10 yrs. Would love the opportunity to compete against other hardcore fantasy football players… Hopefully, I make the cut and get the call.
    Looking forward to the 2012 season.
    All the best, Carl

  11. Tyler says:

    Hey guys, I’m looking to jump in on another league. Been playing for about 5 years. I’ve done ESPN and CBS Sports. I’ve done online and live drafts. My only issue is my schedule, I work 3-11 and my days off are Thursday and Friday. But I end up working most of my days off. I’m not sure when you plan on doing the draft, but I’m definitely interested. So let me know and hopefully I can switch around my schedule. Thanks a lot, Tyler

  12. Joshua Gamache says:

    Hi there. I’m a 37 year old NH resident and life long sports fan. I have been in fantasy football for the last 9 years. I have won 6 times. I have done yahoo, espn, and nfl for fantasy football. I have also been the commissioner 4 times. I don’t get discouraged and quit or don’t try if I have a rough first couple weeks. I’m also a pretty funny guy, so I can bring some fun to the boards. I hope to be considered for the league. If not, than best of luck, and I’ll try again next year. Thanks for your time.

  13. Jaron Foster says:

    Hey Mike, I’ve done fantasy football for about 10 years (mostly Yahoo and ESPN). I’m starting a new dynasty league with a couple friends that are co-commissioners, which will be my first real keeper league. Your league sounds like a good one to get in on the ground floor. Thanks!

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