2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Kansas State vs Oklahoma State (2011)


#4 CB Justin Gilbert
-Playing cornerback as well as on some coverage and return units.
-Sets a nice edge, taking out the fullback on the goal line.
-Takes a nice angle pursuing reverse, but gets blocked twice by quarterback.
-Read QB’s eyes, came off his man and nearly got to open TE in time – delivered big hit.
-Nice press, re-routes receiver and disrupts timing.
-Shows some moves returning kicks – good special teams player all-around.

Overview: Gilbert wasn’t targeted very often, so we didn’t get a true feel for a lot of his skills breaking on the ball. He was tight in coverage and showed some versatility playing man, zone and on multiple special teams. He could be a top 100 prospect in the 2013 NFL Draft.

#19 CB Broderick Brown
-Playing cornerback, variety of man/zone concepts.
-Smooth transition from his pedal, closes fast.
-Solid open field tackle on Klein, gave the hit rather than taking it.
-Got low, exploded through the ball-carrier – very physical tackler.
-Crushed by running back on reverse, out-leveraged.
-Sealed by wide receiver on outside run.
-Too much cushion in off man, wrestles receiver to the ground for no YAC.
-In press, doesn’t get a hand on his man – allowed clean release.
-Perfect position on receiver, tips ball, leads to an interception – throwing nice blocks down the sideline.
-Tight man coverage, stays in phase but beaten on comeback.
-Closed on the ball well, but couldn’t hold on as WR slips out of his grasp.
-Very comfortable in his reads, seems to have more than two eyes out there.
-Sticks on receiver in end zone on fade route, knocks ball down.

Overview: Brown looked like he could be a very good Cover-2 cornerback in the NFL. He showed a physical streak and was very willing to support the run game. He looked comfortable reading the quarterback and receivers in the flat and showed good closing speed.

#89 DT Nigel Nicholas
-Lining up inside at defensive tackle.
-Being turned at will by guard early on, can’t keep himself clean.
-Playing in a rotation, not on the field very much.
-Anticipates the snap well, surges into double team and goes nowhere.
-Pad level gets a little high, pushed to the ground by guard.
-Knifes through two blockers, strings out option play.
-Powers through chip block, able to assist on the tackle.

Overview: I wasn’t very impressed with Nicholas for the second time I’ve scouted him. He hasn’t looked explosive or powerful and his quickness is usually stymied as soon as he is touched. Looks like a late-round draft pick at best.

#1 RB Joseph Randle
-Playing running back, mostly shotgun sets.
-Hauls in swing pass, turns up field and finishes the run.
-Five yard touchdown, untouched, easy run.
-Decisive cut in the backfield, gets skinny through hole, takes a shot and holds on to the ball.
-Can’t make safety miss in space, tackled by the ankle.
-Can’t escape linebacker in the backfield, nearly broke free from tough situation.
-Shows some elusiveness, makes a couple guys miss in the backfield – not getting good run blocking up front.
-Awful effort in pass pro, complete “ole” block.
-Slip screen, catches the ball in stride and bursts in for a touchdown.
-Draw play, nice jump cut to make linebacker miss, doesn’t lose a lot of speed when cutting.
-Split out wide, makes the catch on a curl route, makes first guy miss.
-Phenomenal run, makes safety miss with great stutter step and explosive cut.

Overview: Made some explosive plays but has some rough edges (pass protection, etc…) that he will need to iron out before he is a true NFL-ready running back.

#68 OL Taylor Lane
-Lining up at right guard.
-Combo block on tackle, gets to the second level and seals linebacker.
-Powerful run block, kept his pads low, got his hands on the defender’s chest and pancaked him.
-Lunges and misses tackle, goes to the ground.
-Nice wide base in pass protection, good hand placement.
-Whiffs on block on the second level.
-Beaten by arm over on the goal line, gives up tackle for loss.
-Picks up end/tackle stunt with ease.
-Beat on inside move, couldn’t change direction in time.
-Anticipates inside move this time, stones the tackle.
-Gets to the second level and gets a block in, but doesn’t finish it.

Overview: Lane showed some power, but again failed to impress with his footwork and balance. He looks like he has a backup ceiling at this point.

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