2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Florida vs Georgia (2011)


#29 OLB Jarvis Jones
-Lining up on the line of scrimmage as DE/OLB, often in two-point stance.
-Quick around the edge, pursues to bubble screen on other side of field, can’t make the tackle.
-Shows good balance against cut blocks, regains footing quickly.
-Fakes an inside move and uses an arm over to beat the tackle, knocks down QB for the sack.
-Bull rush stopped, shrugs off LT and gets another sack – more of a coverage sack.
-Either Jones or Ogeltree blitzed the wrong gap, Jones was stuffed on inside move, Ogeltree followed him there before bouncing outside.
-Recognized screen play, stops his rush and gets in the passing lane.
-Fakes outside and then blows by LT on the inside for his third sack – barely was touched.
-Juked in the end zone by Chris Rainey, doesn’t get a hand on him.
-Big hit on receiver, causes fumble after chasing him down.
-Drops into coverage, able to get a subtle re-route on the TE which leads to incompletion.
-Club move and speed around the edge lead to 4th sack of the night – seals the game.

Overview: Jones totaled four sacks and used a variety of moves to get them. He also showed some coverage ability and was active against the run. He is the real deal and a potential top five pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

#9 ILB Alec Ogeltree
-Lining up at inside linebacker and on some coverage units.
-Poor angle in pursuit, never sniffs the ball-carrier.
-Shows speed on edge blitz, but QB wiggles out of his grasp.
-Beat on 4th and 19 on seam route, let TE cross his face in man and couldn’t recover.
-Reading the receivers routes, passing off WR with his cornerback comfortably.
-Exhibits some natural short area quickness and change of direction skills.
-Looked like he blitzed the wrong gap, already occupied by Jones’ inside move.
-Takes a good angle to track down running back and force a fumble.
-Misses tackle, couldn’t break down and wrap up the WR in space.
-Shoots the A-gap and blows up the RB in the backfield – speed and power.

Overview: Ogeltree wasn’t as impressive as he was later in the year against Michigan State, but his athletic blend of speed and power is tough to miss. As he continues to figure out angles and improves his play recognition, look out.

#6 DT Jonathan Jenkins
-Lining up over the center, occasionally shaded.
-Good push, keeping pad level low.
-Drops on a zone blitz, knows his assignment.
-Seeing some double teams, not giving up much – if any – ground.
-Comes on outside move, not much of a speed rush threat.
-Very stout in the middle, pushes double team into the backfield on “Wildcat” play.
-Occasionally shows some real quickness of the snap – pushes center back 2-3 yards instantaneously.
-Holds his ground, gets an arm on the running back and that is enough to stop him.

Overview: Jenkins made only a couple of truly impressive plays, but was very stout and rarely gave up ground. If he can continue to refine his technique, his size and natural ability will tempt some team looking for a nose tackle.

#18 SAF Baccari Rambo
-Playing safety, lining up over outside receivers at times.
-Looks very tentative in coverage, started to break on a throw but second-guessed himself and gave up a completion.
-Able to jump on a loose ball for a fumble recovery.
-Playing a deep half, able to high-point the ball and disrupt the catch – good timing.

Overview: Failed to tally a tackle on the day. Rambo wasn’t the most effective Bulldog defensive back against Florida, as current NFL player Brandon Boykin, CB/S Sanders Commings and SS Shawn Williams (in limited action) were far more impressive.

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