Chiefs Targeting Patriots in Playoffs: Enemy Week

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Last season the Kansas City Chiefs traveled to Foxborough for a Monday night Football showdown with the New England Patriots. Chiefs fans didn’t expect to win this game, or for it to even be close. With many of the Chiefs best players on the I.R. this game was a laugher. It’s nearly impossible to beat a team like the Patriots in New England with Tyler Palko as your starting QB.

That game showed us the blueprint of how to lose big to the Patriots. Have little to no offense and give Tom Brady the freedom to throw the ball all over the yard. This changes now.

Check out how the Chiefs will combat the Patriots if they meet in the playoffs.

Put the Heat on Tom Brady

-This is a must if you want to beat the Patriots. Get in his face, disrupt his throwing lanes, put him on the ground and harass him throughout the entirety of the game. The Chiefs have the pieces in place to make this happen in Tamba Hali and Justin Houston.

-The Chiefs can get creative with blitz packages. Romeo Crennel has more than just outside linebackers to play with. Look for Eric Berry, Derrick Johnson and Allen Bailey to create some pressure from various spots on the field. Kansas City will bring some serious heat this year.

Kansas City’s Best Athletes Covering the Tight Ends

-Rob Gronkowski went off versus the Chiefs last year. He is a load that very few teams can matchup with. Throw in Aaron Hernandez and it gets even trickier to stop the passing game. These two are big and athletic with great abilities.
Kansas City needs to try to contain them, because stopping them is not going to happen. Derrick Johnson, Eric Berry and rookie De’Quan Menzie would try their hand at covering these two. With Wes Welker and newly acquired Brandon Lloyd, this offense is tough.
Run the Football

-The ability to run the football will help you win many games, including this one. The Chiefs offensive line and running backs are definitely strengths. The Patriots have a good front seven, but they aren’t world beaters.
Running the ball successfully against the Patriots not only helps your offense, but it kills the clock and lets the defense rest. The Chiefs defense was on the field a lot last year in New England. Success on the ground also gets the play action going, which leads to my final point.

Cassel Plays Mistake Free Football

-We have seen it from Cassel in the past, ability to manage a team. He has that talent, but it only seems to come out when the surroundings are above average or better. Look at the Chiefs in 2010, he played a great season, leading the Chiefs to a home playoff game. Last year he was terrible, but so was the roster.

-The Patriots were terrible in pass defense last year and got younger in the offseason. This is a matchup I see Cassel taking advantage of, especially with the Chiefs talent at wide receiver. If the running game is working, so would the type of passing game the Chiefs would want to go with.

Result: Chiefs win 27-20

I thought about posting a picture of Bernard Pollard taking out Brady’s knee with a caption of sweep the leg, but decided I didn’t want death threats from Patriot fans. I am actually a Patriots fan, after the Chiefs of course. You guys gave us our GM, Head Coach (kind of) and our QB. We are forever grateful.

Kansas City will be in the playoffs this year, so will New England. When these two teams play each other in the AFC Championship Game, we can look back at this and see that I was right.

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2 Responses to “Chiefs Targeting Patriots in Playoffs: Enemy Week”

  1. Tim Q says:

    I dont know if you are joking or not, but there is no way that the pats lose to the chiefs. I doubt the chiefs will even get far into the playoffs. You can say thanks for matt cassel all you want, but most chiefs fans say he sucks. We ripped you guys off in that trade. We gave you matt cassel and a soon retiring LB for a 2nd round draft pick. As for our pass defense, it is much improved, with Dont’a hightower to play LB/DE, Chandler jones at DE, Alfonzo Dennard at DB, who was solid in college, Ras-I dowling (if he plays a full season), Jake Bequette as another OLB/DE, and Tavon Wilson/Steve Gregory at FS. Neiither are very good at FS, but they are both better than the clowns we had there last year. Add that to the fact that McCourty could very well rebound to his badass rookie self, and start shutting down receivers again. As for Chiefs d-line, yeah, its good, but our o-line is better. And counting on Cassel to play mistake free football is not a good idea. As for the chiefs running backs, the pats have some of the best thumpers in the league in Spikes, Mayo, Hightower. Hightower was brutal on running backs back at Alabama. Im predicting this as pats victory by at least 14 points.

  2. ANB says:

    Hahahahahaha no

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