2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Oklahoma State vs Iowa State (2011)


#1 RB Joseph Randle
-Lining up as running back, lots of shotgun sets.
-Makes a couple guys miss in the backfield, accelerates quickly.
-Can’t make Klein miss on draw play.
-Puts the ball on the ground after a ten yard rush.
-Stood up by Knott, got a bit high in the hole.
-Sees the cutback lane, can’t run out of arm tackle.
-Another fumble, having some serious ball security issues.
-Makes the catch on swing pass, little chance to make the tackler miss in the open field.
-Sticks his foot in the ground and shows a good burst, runs through a tackle.
-Powers through defensive end, falls forward for a few extra yards.

Overview: Randle is a talented prospect, but this certainly wasn’t his best game. He put the ball on the ground a couple of times and had a hard time finding room to run against the Cyclones. He was able to show his burst and elusiveness on a couple of occasions.

#68 OG Taylor Lane
-Lining up at right guard.
-Base gets narrow and pushed into backfield.
-Anchoring well in pass protection.
-Gets an angle on Klein on the second level, seals him out of play.
-Missed picking up a blitz by two linebackers, doubled the end instead.
-Extends his arms well in pass protection, controlling DT easily.
-Turns DT, seals the backside, showing some natural strength.
-Gets to the second level, controls Knott.

Overview: Lane had a couple of iffy moments, but was solid for the majority of the night. If he can continue to improve his footwork, he has a chance to be a starter in the NFL.

#4 CB Justin Gilbert
-Playing cornerback, didn’t see him on special teams at all.
-Off man, breaks quickly on hitch route and doesn’t give up any YAC.
-Can’t get off block on receiver screen.
-Using his leverages well, funneling receivers to his help.
-Solid tackle, sitting in cover two and drove through the receiver’s lower body.
-Press man, on his man’s hip, using sideline as a defender, forced incompletion.
-Physical play down the field, disrupts catch sticking hand in.

Overview: Gilbert was pretty impressive in limited action, showing some good closing speed and solid tackling ability. He tracked the ball well and looked very comfortable in both zone, off man and press coverage.

#19 CB Broderick Brown
-Playing cornerback, as well as on special teams.
-Jumps the curl on a smash route, had safety help on the corner.
-Gives up short catch on the backside after QB scrambled.
-Off man with big cushion, closes on the receiver, holds him up and goes for the strip.
-Head turned, doesn’t see the ball coming – can’t react in time to leaping receiver – gives up touchdown.
-Strong tackle, closes quickly on hitch and drove through the receiver’s legs.
-Called for holding on punt return.
-Getting worked over by blocks on receiver screens, often ending up on his back.
-Finally fights through a block on receiver screen, makes tackle for loss.

Overview: Brown didn’t have a great game. He had a lot of problems dealing with blocks on screens, got called for a penalty on special teams and gave up a touchdown catch. He certainly has some talent and I look forward to watching him again in 2012.

#45 LB Caleb Lavey
-Lining up at middle linebacker.
-Lumbering around a bit, doesn’t look super athletic dropping into deep middle.
-Good hustle down the field on pick six.
-Can’t chase down running back to the sideline.
-Takes on fullback’s block, able to assist on tackle, shows some strength.
-Poor angle, not enough speed to get to the edge, RB goes in for a big TD.
-Slips block by center, wraps up running back in the backfield.
-Gets some pressure on the blitz, can’t bend enough to stick with athletic QB.
-Looks gassed in pursuit late in game.

Overview: Lavey showed some ability as a downhill run stopping linebacker, but looked like a fish out of water at times in coverage and in space. Put in the right system, Lavey could be an effective 2-down linebacker at the next level.

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