2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Oklahoma State vs Iowa State (2011)

A.J. Klein 2013 NFL Draft

Iowa State linebacker A.J. Klein and his 14 tackles led the Cyclones to a stunning victory. (Photo: US Presswire)


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

We covered this incredible Cyclones vs Cowboys game from the press box last year, but were mainly focused on 2012 NFL Draft prospects like Justin Blackmon, Brandon Weeden and Kelechi Osemele.

Read on to see what we picked up on the 2013 NFL Draft prospects in our film review this time around.


#47 LB A.J. Klein
-Lining up at middle linebacker, walking out on receivers on occasion.
-Zone drop, reading the patterns of slot receivers.
-Recognizes draw play, closes quickly and makes solid open field tackle on Randle.
-Lined up on slot, delayed blitz, gets some pressure.
-Comes on an “X” blitz, pressures the QB into an interception.
-Takes a good angle to take down crossing TE.
-Tracks down Blackmon on WR screen, wraps up for solid tackle.
-Locates the ball on inside handoff, shows strength dragging down RB before the first down line – third straight tackle.
-Reads patterns very well in zone, sees slant coming and covers it up.
-Takes on and sheds tight end block, assists on tackle.
-Shoots the “B” gap, able to bend and take down running back at the line.
-Flows to the ball, takes the ball-carrier down.

Overview: Tackle counts (14 for Klein tonight) can sometimes be deceiving, but they tell the story pretty well here. Klein was in charge of the defense and performed as well as he led. He was solid in coverage and made nearly every tackle he had a chance at. He was effective blitzing and showed some good instincts and vision. I think Klein has a great chance to be a top 100 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

#20 LB Jake Knott
-Lining up as outside linebacker, plays inside at times.
-Zone drop, reading the patterns of slot receivers.
-Good depth on zone drop, helped make QB throw it high.
-Disguises defense well, flies in from the numbers to assist on tackle.
-Comes on an “X” blitz, picked up by the center.
-Recognizes screen, gets to the sideline quickly to make the tackle.
-Same play, again makes the tackle out on the sideline.
-Very active and comfortable in coverage, knocks down a couple of passes.
-Slips a block by the guard and stands up Randle in the hole, powerful.
-Takes on the block by the guard, sheds and is able to pull down Randle.
-Forces fumble from Randle.
-Closes on receiver underneath and lays big solid hit on him – knew where the sticks were and played it perfectly.
-Overruns the play, might have got a hand on RB’s ankle, but it looked like he slipped.
-Controlled by guard on the 2nd level, couldn’t shed block.
-Sticks with Blackmon on in-route, tips ball, results in game-winning interception.

Overview: Knott was a big time playmaker against Oklahoma State, forcing a fumble, breaking up a couple of passes, tipping a ball that led to an interception and making 13 tackles. He is not as polished as Klein – he did miss a tackle or two – but his versatility playing inside and outside, in coverage and against the run, will certainly be seen as a nice attribute by NFL scouts. Knott may not be a top 100 pick like Klein, but he should be a solid mid-round addition.

Check out the Oklahoma State prospects on page two.

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