2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Marshall vs East Carolina (2011)

Aaron Dobson WR Marshall

Aaron Dobson (WR, Marshall) is an under the radar prospect for the 2013 NFL Draft. (Photo: US Presswire)


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

While a Marshall vs East Carolina game doesn’t look sexy on paper, this game featured perhaps the best catch I’ve ever seen – caught by a Marshall receiver worthy of the Randy Moss and Troy Brown heritage.


#3 WR Aaron Dobson
-Lining up as an outside receiver – looks like a legit 6’2″ / 205.
-Lining up on the left side of the formation the majority of the time.
-Tight split, hesitates selling play action then explodes by the corner and safety.
-Makes great catch on a full sprint, 77 yard touchdown.
-Showed some great acceleration, got to top speed quickly.
-Willing blocker, not extremely physical blocking, but gets the job done.
-Doesn’t come back to the quarterback on stick route, blocks out cornerback just enough.
-Powerful runner, breaks free from arm tackle after catch and is up to speed in no time.
-Makes the best catch I’ve ever seen – backhanded the ball with his right hand – unreal.
-Ran a skinny corner and made a great adjustment to the ball, had to fight his way through corner.

Overview: Even without a ton of top level talent around him, Dobson was one of the most impressive receivers for the 2013 NFL Draft that I’ve watched. His speed, power and incredible hands will place him near the top of a lot of NFL Draft boards. Dobson is our number one senior wide receiver.

#25 SS Devin Arrington
-Lining up at strong safety, also on some special teams units.
-Finds the ball quickly, solid open-field tackle, wraps up the legs.
-Over-pursuit, can’t change direction and misses the tackle.
-Weak tackle attempt, couldn’t close on seam route.
-Pursues to the sideline, able to drag down receiver, was in man over the slot.
-Read play quickly, recognized screen and was in position to make a play.
-Drives on the underneath route, good power through contact as he wraps up.
-Another powerful tackle, running through players.
-Man coverage on the slot, closes quickly on flat route, but gives up 4th down reception.

Overview: Arrington’s big frame (6-2/215) allowed him to make some plays in the box, but he didn’t impress much in coverage. If he can add some bulk, he could be a hybrid LB/SS in the NFL.


#84 TE Justin Jones
-Lining up inline and flexed out.
-Has a lot of height (6’7″) and length, looks like he could add some bulk.
-Shows off his leaping skills, can’t haul in tough catch.
-Looks a bit unbalanced, but gets a chip on the end and controls linebacker at the second level.
-Easily seals off linebacker, consistent pad level.
-Chips and then releases into the route, soft hands and tucks the ball in traffic – touchdown.
-Flexed out, makes another touchdown catch on fade route – went up and got the jump ball.
-Settles in the hole on in-route, tries to make a move but taken down immediately.
-Blows up safety trying to put a jam on him.
-Hunt route on the goal line, finds a soft spot and makes the touchdown catch in traffic.

Overview: Jones only totaled six catches in all of 2011, but four of them came in this game for three touchdowns. His size, leaping ability and seemingly soft hands have me very intrigued for the 2012 season – he could be a red-zone monster in the NFL.

#19 WR Andrew Bodenheimer
-Lining up as an outside receiver, plays in the slot as well.
-Six yard curl, can’t make his man miss in space.
-Runs a three yard hunt route, makes the catch for the first down.
-Willing blocker, able to control the CB on the edge on multiple occasions.
-Makes another short catch, not very dynamic with the ball in his hands.
-Effective mesh route, makes the catch and gets up-field quickly.
-Got high too early and tipped off his route, corner jumps it for a touchdown.
-Corners not respecting his long speed.
-Makes the catch in traffic on stick route, plucks and quickly cradles ball.
-Shallow cross, makes the catch with a defender’s hand in the way.

Overview: Bodenheimer was an effective underneath receiver that lacked burst before or after the catch. He had some good hands, but just doesn’t look like an NFL prospect to me.

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