2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Iowa vs Minnesota (2011)


#5 QB/ATH MarQuies Gray
-Spends majority of time in shotgun/pistol, at times under center.
-Makes linebacker miss in the backfield, quick acceleration on the read option.
-Pretty quick release, fires accurate ball on quick slant.
-Quarterback draw, fearless running inside – shows some power.
-Decent play fake, locates target quickly and throws accurate pass.
-Iffy handoff, can’t tell if it was Gray’s or running back’s fault.
-Goes through three reads, buys some time in the pocket, throws ball away.
-Play action, finds open receiver, delivers accurate ball.
-Handles high-snap very well, able to hand the ball off without issues.
-Lowers his shoulder, falls forward for a few yards on designed run.
-Active feet in the pocket, good touch on 40-yard bomb to open receiver.
-Shows a good stiff-arm, gets to the edge and makes a first down with his feet.
-Pumps linebackers out of position, goes to secondary read and finds end for the touchdown.
-Making very good decisions, not throwing the ball into coverage, taking what the defense gives him.
-50 yard toss in the air, a bit wobbly but right on target.
-Keeps the play alive with nobody open, throws an incomplete pass to where only his receiver could catch it.
-Surges for a yard on QB sneak.
-Evades rush, throws on the run to his right, perfect touch over the linebacker.
-Rolls left, pulls ball down and nimbly picks his way for 18 yards.
-Lines up at TE/WR on 2-point conversion, receiver his former position.
-Rolls left, reverses field, picks up another first down with his legs.
-Bobbles snap, recovers and hands the ball off.
-Fits ball into tight window on seam route to tight end.
-Purposeful high throw, dropped by tight end in the end zone.
-Vince Young-esque run to the pylon for game-winning touchdown.
-Long strides hide some decent speed, seals game with a big first down run.

Overview: Gray, who isn’t surrounded by a whole lot of talent, had a phenomenal day for the Gophers. His decision-making was excellent and looked to use his arm first and stay in the pocket, despite his ability to run the ball and create on the fly. Gray was able to go through progressions to both sides of the field and wasn’t hesitant to throw the ball away.

He looked comfortable in the pocket as well as on rollouts and throwing on the run. He showed that he has some touch and looked effortless flicking the ball 40-50 yards.

I’m not calling Marquies Gray another Robert Griffin III or Cam Newton yet, but he certainly has NFL ability – I’m very excited to see him develop this year.

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