2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Iowa vs Michigan (2011)


#77 OT Taylor Lewan*
-Playing left tackle.
-Locks out on defensive end, hands placed perfectly.
-Staying low, able to get under defender’s pads.
-Fires out of stance, drives through end and creates big hole.
-Blocks down, gets a little off balance and goes to the ground.
-Mirrors defensive end for nine seconds, never a doubt.
-Gets a good initial seal, but he doesn’t finish the block.
-Seals defensive end, powers him down the field and finishes him off.
-Moves well to the outside, easily locks in on linebacker.
-Quick sets in pass protection, not really having to show his kick slide – Iowa using a bit of a mush rush.
-Leads the way out wide again, locates safety and seals him off.
-Too big of steps, misses the block on a CB during tight end screen – would have been a touchdown.
-Picks up safety blitz with ease, engulfs the smaller DB.
-Gets to the second level, chips the linebacker.
-Didn’t see end/tackle stunt, but re-anchors and controls tackle.

Overview: Lewan was quietly dominant the majority of the game, but it is tough to tell as the Iowa defense employed a containment rush to keep Robinson in the pocket. He used his hands well and exhibited the ability to drive with his legs and power open holes in the running game. Another consistent performance by Lewan.

#65 OG Patrick Omameh
-Playing right guard.
-Jolts defensive tackle with long arms.
-Pad level getting a bit high initially.
-A bit slow out of the stance, loses control of the tackle.
-Anchors against Mike Daniels, doesn’t let him spin away.
-Pulls to his left, controls defensive tackle.
-Solid anchor against shorter tackle, long arms keep him clean.
-Very long strides when pulling and running, knocked off-balance at times.
-Gets under the linebacker’s pads and pushes him back for 10 yards – plays to the whistle.
-Picks up the twist stunt, good change of direction to stick with tackle.
-Out-quicked initially by Daniels, stepped forward and missed him.
-Daniels’ active hands are a problem for Omameh.
-On skates, pad level got a little high.

Overview: When Omameh kept his pads down, he used his seemingly super-long arms to keep defenders at bay with ease. His footwork needs cleaned up a bit, but Omameh has the potential to be a NFL starter.

#28 RB Fitzgerald Toussaint
-Playing running back.
-Picks up stunting defensive lineman in pass protection.
-Shows some hustle and awareness, chasing linebacker past the whistle who picked up “fumble”.
-Makes himself skinny through the hole, still delivers a hit and converts 3rd and 1.
-Decisive cuts, doesn’t lose a lot of speed.
-Finds a crease, goes down on first contact.
-Patient run, finds the cutback lane and shows good acceleration.
-Good balance, able to contort his body through small windows.
-Finds soft spot in zone after nearly ten seconds, easy catch for touchdown.
-Driving with his legs, turns no gain into a couple of yards.
-Willing to throw a block on QB runs as well.
-Unable to step out of ankle tackles on multiple occasions.
-Injured on the play.

Overview: Toussaint had a decent day for the Wolverines, but was contained for the most part by the stout Hawkeye defensive line. It will be interesting to see if he plays better as the Michigan offense evolves, he certainly has some physical tools.

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