2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Auburn vs South Carolina (2011)


#55 DE Corey Lemonier
-Lining up as right defensive end and left defensive end.
-Showing some plus initial quickness off the snap, good motor.
-Blocks the extra point, had some good leaping ability.
-Has been stymied the majority of the day, tough time getting off blocks.
-Great hustle, pursues 15 yards down the field to assist on tackle after rushing the passer.
-Shows some power, bull-rushes right tackle into the pocket.
-Consistent pad level, never seems to be pushed back.
-Decent push on bull-rush, sheds tackle and sacks the quarterback as he tries to escape.
-Quick around the edge, but can’t quite bend enough to get the tackle.
-Drops into coverage in the flat.
-Good jerk move to win on the outside, misses twice sacking quarterback point blank range.
-Fantastic spin move, tackle forced to hold him to prevent easy sack.

Overview: Lemonier showed off a nice array of rush moves and a top-notch motor. He was very consistent and showed some versatility dropping into coverage and flipping between RDE and LDE.

#22 CB T’Sharvan Bell
-Lining up as outside corner and nickel corner on the slot.
-Press man on Alshon Jeffery, allows clean release.
-Jeffery out-fights him for the jump ball, then drags him 10 yards into the end zone.
-Tackle for loss on Ellington.
-Playing inside leverage on Jeffery, gets a good jam in but physically over-matched.
-Doesn’t give up separation to Jeffery, able to disrupt the catch.
-Good timing, flies in late to get a hand on the ball and prevent the completion.

Overview: Bell had a tough matchup with Alshon Jeffery, giving up four inches and over forty pounds. He didn’t give up much separation but had a little trouble fighting for the ball with Jeffery. I think Bell is poised to have a very good season for the Tigers.

#25 OLB Darren Bates
-Lining up as more of an inside linebacker.
-Man coverage on Alshon Jeffery, tried to jam him but got pancaked, comes back with a sack of Shaw on next series.
-Sheds block from fullback, takes quarterback down on draw – good instincts following the play.
-Looks very comfortable dropping into zone coverage, changes direction well and tracks the ball.
-Man coverage on Jeffery, gives up catch on in route – not bad coverage, just a mis-match.

Overview: Bates showed some versatility coming up against the run and playing in both man and zone coverage. He looks like he needs to add some bulk and strength to compete at the next level.

#43 TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen
-Lining up at left tackle (unbalanced), tight end, and h-back.
-Initial control on Melvin Ingram, but jerk move by Ingram beats him for a tackle for loss.
-Good block on Taylor, sealing him from the hole.
-Crushes cornerback on tunnel screen, took him out at the knees.
-Inconsistent with his blocking effort early.
-Quits on the route, would have had an easy touchdown.
-Cuts down linebacker on end-around.
-Big hustle play, rips ball out after interception and falls on it.
-Doesn’t finish his blocks with a lot of authority.
-Good disguise on delayed drag route, poor ball security, ball knocked out while performing unnecessary stiff arm.
-Was able to jump back on ball in the end zone for a touchdown.

Overview: Lutzenkirchen had an up and down day. He was inconsistent in finishing off his blocks and nearly cost his team two touchdowns due to his laissez-faire attitude near the goal line. That said, his hustle prevented a turnover and he threw some very nice blocks for his running back as well.

#80 WR Emory Blake
-Lining up as outside and inside receiver.
-Tunnel screen, sees his blocks well, good burst with the ball.
-Bubble screen, can’t make the first guy miss.
-Decent block on Antonio Allen, but needs to finish to the whistle.

Overview: Blake wasn’t targeted a lot due to the Tigers’ emphasis on the running game, but looked elusive on one screen play.

#23 RB Onterrio McCalebb
-Lining up as running back, also seeing time on special teams.
-Change of pace back, seeing lots of looks on third down.
-Takes screen pass for a big gain, good burst.
-Too long making his decision, caught by defensive end near the line.
-End around, showing some good speed.
-Nice catch on screen pass, chooses to run out of bounds.
-Sets up his block well on draw play, good balance and body control even at high speeds.
-Flare route, can’t make first guy miss, tackled for loss.
-Nice hesitation move and again shows a nice burst once he sees open grass.

Overview: McCalebb looked a bit like Dexter McCluster in his former role at Auburn, running the ball well and providing a threat in the passing game as well. He was patient and was able to pull away from defenders when he had the chance.

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