Ten Year NFL Draft Case Study: ACC


Here’s the total breakdown of ACC players drafted over the last ten years by round.

1st Round: 47
2nd Round: 44
3rd Round: 51
4th Round: 61
5th Round: 42
6th Round: 34
7th Round: 44

Finally, I wanted to see which teams drafted the most ACC players, so I tallyed the total number of ACC draft picks per team.

Buffalo Bills – 17
New York Giants – 16
Seattle Seahawks  -16
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 13
Tennessee Titans – 13
Arizona Cardinals – 12
Houston Texans – 12
Kansas City Chiefs – 12
St. Louis Rams – 12
Denver Broncos – 11
Baltimore Ravens – 11
Pittsburgh Steelers  -11
San Diego Chargers – 11
Detroit Lions – 10
Green Bay Packers – 10
Jacksonville Jaguars – 10
San Francisco 49ers – 10
Atlanta Falcons – 9
Cleveland Browns – 9
Dallas Cowboys – 9
New England Patriots – 9 (Ras-I Dowling, Ted Larsen, Ron Brace, Brandon Tate, Darryl Richard, Brandon Meriweather, Kareem Brown, Dexter Reid, P.K. Sam)
New Orleans Saints – 9
New York Jets – 9
Carolina Panthers – 8
Indianapolis Colts  – 8
Minnesota Vikings – 8
Philadelphia Eagles  – 8
Miami Dolphins – 7
Cincinnati Bengals – 6
Oakland Raiders – 6
Washington Redskins – 6
Chicago Bears – 5

YEAR BY YEAR BREAKDOWN: A full breakdown of the last ten drafts from an ACC perspective. (Page 2)

POSITIONAL BREAKDOWN: Which positions in the ACC get picked early? (Page 3)

SUCCESS/BUST BREAKDOWN: Which schools produce the most busts? (Page 4)

NCAA SCHOOL BREAKDOWN: Which schools perennially produce the top prospects? (Page 5)

NFL TEAM BREAKDOWN: Which NFL Teams like prospects from the ACC? (Page 6)

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4 Responses to “Ten Year NFL Draft Case Study: ACC”

  1. Prefectly Smart says:

    James, Nice work. As someone who has compiled similar data, I’m not sure everyone will appreciate the amount of effor that goes into such an undertaking.

    How did you treat players taken in the Supplemental draft? For example, Tony Hollings, RB from Georgia Tech, taken in the second round of the 2003 Supplemental draft by the Texans. Not that overlooking a few players is going to make any drastic shifts in the data, but in Holllings’ case it would erase the goose egg up on the board for GT in the 2003 draft.

  2. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Patriots really haven’t had much luck from the ACC.

  3. John M says:

    How long will it take for Ochocincho jerseys to go on sale for $9.99 at Marshalls or TJ Max?

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