Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: TCU vs SMU (2011)


#4 QB Casey Pachall*
-Lot of shotgun formations.
-Weak QB draw play action, taken down by DE.
-Steps up in the pocket to evade pressure, makes a positive play out of it.
-Wobbly ball thrown into a tight window.
-Can’t step into throw, delivers accurate ball on slant.
-Good zip on the ball, on a line from the hash to the opposite numbers.
-Wrong shoulders the RB on check-down – tough ball to catch.
-Finds the WR in between the CB and S for a big play.
-Veer look, not a dynamic runner.
-Sacked, fumbles the ball – showing some toughness though, took a big hit.
-Doesn’t seem as accurate on the run.
-Nice touch on the vertical route.
-Pump fake, delivers a perfect ball for the TD.
-Effective in the no-huddle / hurry-up – easily moving the ball down the field.
-Perfect touch and timing throwing to the endzone.
-Shows the ability to go through his progressions, doesn’t get antsy in the pocket.
-Two drops in overtime killed TCU’s chances.

Overview: Pachall was very impressive to me. He isn’t a dynamic runner, although he is shifty enough in the pocket to avoid a lot of pressure. He was accurate and had a very live arm. He commanded the offense with ease and was able to read both sides of the field. If he continues to improve, he has the ability to be a top QB prospect in 2014.

#82 WR Josh Boyce*
-Playing mainly on the outside.
-Good body control and positioning on slant, sold the vertical route.
-Fights through corner, draws interference penalty.
-Impressive catch on vertical route, tied up with CB.
-Good delay, uses the QB’s pump fake well, makes easy TD catch.
-Adjusts his route, finds the soft spot in the zone – very productive day.
-Solid catching technique, catches the ball away from the body and tucks it quick in traffic.

Overview: Boyce was one of the lone bright spots for TCU’s receiving corps – he showed good hands and a great feel playing against the zone. I doubt that he’ll declare after his junior season, but if he does, he’ll be drafted.

#66 OG Blaize Foltz
-Lining up at right guard.
-Not getting a lot of push early on.
-Nice combo block on the DT, caved him in from an angle.
-Blocks down on the tackle, then seals the linebacker.
-Pulls across the formation on “Power O”, gets the block on the linebacker.
-Trips on center’s foot coming across the formation in pass protection.
-Getting a little upright in pass protection, but able to re-anchor.

Overview: Relatively pedestrian performance. Was pretty average in all aspects of the game, could be a backup at the next level.

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3 Responses to “Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: TCU vs SMU (2011)”

  1. Steven says:

    Your basing your assessment on 1 game in the early part of the season. Even Michaeal Jordan and Brett Favre had bad games. I was at that game with my high school kids and TCU played bad for sure, But I watched them later in the season and there young kids were much better, SMU got worse. Hunt was did nothing in three mid to late season games, but got back to solid in the bowl game.

    • NEPD says:

      Absolutely agree – it was just one game. We don’t produce a scouting report on someone until we’ve seen at least 4-5 games, preferably more.

      • Billy C says:

        Hunt has a chance to be real good in the NFL. I only watched him a few times, but I was quite impressed with his power and explosiveness off the line.

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