Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Purdue vs Western Michigan (2011)

Kawann Short NFL Draft

Kawann Short is a top-tier defensive tackle for the 2013 NFL Draft.


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

I came into this game ready to watch Purdue defensive lineman Kawaan Short, but I had trouble keeping my eyes off the play of Western Michigan quarterback Alex Carder.

Purdue’s defense had his way with him at times, but Carder hung tough in what was ultimately a losing effort.

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#14 QB Alex Carder
-Throwback pass, accurate ball throwing off back foot under heavy pressure.
-Playing out of the shotgun, very comfortable changing the play at the line.
-Shows a nice quick release and command of the pocket.
-Hits receiver in stride, putting the ball on a dime.
-Trips running back after sloppy exchange.
-Floats a dangerous ball on the sideline while on the run, good touch.
-Flea-flicker, throws a dart 55 yards right onto the receivers hands.
-Forces a ball into Jordan White, 2-deep man-under had him covered.
-Stared down the receiver, tipped the safety off, interception.
-Receiver had a small window, but ball was poorly thrown.
-QB keeper, shows some athleticism to go for 15 yards.
-LB vacated his zone and cut in front of option route for an interception, never saw him coming.
-Rolls right after misdirection, wobbly ball delivered on target in tight window.
-Finds open man against 8-man zone, fires it in for first down.
-Back on track with his accuracy, allowing receivers to run after the catch.
-Steps into the pressure and delivers accurate ball – absolutely lit up after the throw.
-Poor decision on the throw in the red zone, receiver covered – could have been INT.
-Hit as he throws on his blindside – nearly intercepted.
-QB draw, tough runner – makes it to the goal line.
-Snap decision from the one yard line, finds receiver wide open in the end zone.
-Perfect touch on deep corner route.
-Finds his WR in the middle of three defenders, questionable decision but great seam throw.
-Misses badly on pop pass, overthrew a wide open receiver.
-Hammered again on QB draw, tough guy.
-Slammed to the ground on speed option play, couldn’t get pitch off in time.
-Perfect placement on out route on the goal line, WR can’t make the catch.
-Love the way Carder hung in there after getting beat up on multiple plays.
-Decent speed as he can’t find an open WR – pulls it down and runs for ten yards.
-Doesn’t get the ball over linebacker underneath, tipped but caught by receiver anyway.
-Seems to scan the field well, able to locate secondary options.
-Obliterated on blitz – intercepted. Didn’t recognize blitz and tried to pump fake.
-Knocked down and out of the game on roughing the passer. Returns one play later.
-Poor throw, way too much air at the goal line, nearly intercepted again.
-Gets players aligned correctly, shows great grasp of no-huddle offense.
-Poor decision to throw back across body, nearly intercepted.
-Can’t handle the blitz again, strip sacked.
-Rolls to his right, nothing there, smartly throws the ball away.
-Rolls right again, perfect timing and placement on touchdown pass.
-Steps up to avoid rush from his blindside, finds open receiver.
-Stripped while stepping up to avoid pressure – game over.

Overview: Carder is a very tough kid that has some obvious talent and made some incredibly accurate throws. He put the ball on a dime multiple times throughout the night, even though he got some help from Jordan White. However, Carder’s struggles against the blitz were pronounced and his four interceptions (and more near ones) came from his questionable decision making. If he can learn to throw the ball away and not get hit so much, he has some legitimate NFL potential.

#68 OT Dann O’Neill
-Lining up at right tackle.
-Very slow off the ball, not sure he heard the cadence.
-Whiffs badly on cut block attempt.
-Fires out of his stance, can’t get the block on the 2nd level.
-Defensive end jumps to try and deflect ball, O’Neill buries him with a strong jolt.
-Getting beat initially by quickness, but recovering to push DE past pocket.
-Solid combo block on Gaston, peels off to help on DE.
-Gives up inside shoulder, lost balance and over-powered.
-Fooled badly by zone blitz, gives up big hit on QB.
-Somewhat narrow base on his pass set, looks a bit off-balance.
-Beat badly around the edge, kickstep needs some work.
-Left reaching as Short beats him around the edge.

Overview: O’Neill struggled to handle the blitz and strong edge rushers from Purdue. Didn’t look like a draftable prospect from this game.

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