Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Texas A&M vs Texas (2011)


#80 DE Alex Okafor
-Lined up at DE in a variety of two/three/four point stances.
-Violent hands, sheds TE block.
-Not letting Matthews get his hands on him.
-Comes off block, can’t bring RB down with arm tackle.
-Strong setting the edge, anchoring well against the run.
-Takes RB on zone read, still hustles out to the sideline on keeper.
-Disrupts RB’s release, then pressures quarterback. Closes quickly.
-Pushes Matthews back into running lane on sweep, powerful.
-Sets a hard edge, forces RB back inside.
-Violent hands, keeps Matthews off him, bends around edge and hits QB.
-Forces another throwaway, closes fast on QB.
-Fights through cut block, good balance.

Overview: Great performance against a tough lineman in Matthews. Used his hands incredibly well, while exhibiting good strength and closing speed.

#44 DE Jackson Jeffcoat*
-Lined up at DE and LB, combination of two/three/four point stances.
-Engulfed by Joeckel, can’t get off block.
-Blown off the ball, unable to shed block from Joeckel.
-Loses track of ball, caught inside on zone read.
-Quick off the ball, keeps OT’s hands off of him and makes the QB step up in the pocket.
-Rag-dolled by OT/OG double team.
-Stunts inside, big hit on QB draw – great form, exploded through contact.
-Fights off TE block in backfield, big tackle on QB again.
-Hustled 20 yards down the field to assist on tackle.

Overview: Jeffcoat was held in check for the most part by Joeckel, but was able to stunt away from him at times and make some impact plays. Good motor, never quit on a play.

#4 (#2 Tonight) DB Kenny Vaccaro
-Lined up on the slot for the majority of the night, rarely at deep safety.
-Playing some special teams as well.
-Couldn’t chase down RB in time on flat route, caught inside.
-Lost Swope underneath on option route, ball dropped.
-Perfect angle to ball-carrier, bangs them out of bounds.
-Times up the blitz, bull rushes RB into the quarterback, leads to sack.
-Getting feisty with Swope on the line of scrimmage, powerful punch.
-Not fooled by Swope’s feints, stuck with him on option route.
-Blitzes from the slot, good hops and timing to bat down pass.
-Sprints out to flat, comes down with incredible interception.
-Great catch, fantastic body control.
-RB spins out of tackle attempt.
-Runs side by side with Swope, uses arm-bar, not called for PI.

Overview: Looked great in man coverage on the slot. Showed off his versatility, physicality and blitzing ability as well. Looking forward to seeing him more at deep safety this year, played there a lot in the Texas spring game.

#23 CB Carrington Byndom*
-Lining up outside. Combination of coverages – not much bump and run.
-Getting manhandled by Jeff Fuller in the running game.
-Man coverage, WR separates on hitch route, solid tackle.
-Closes fast on Tannehill, but can’t wrap up.
-Manned up on Fuller, stays in hip pocket, disrupts ball as it arrives.
-Perfect position on fade route, couldn’t locate the ball.
-Chucked by Fuller on hitch route, Fuller called for OPI.
-Allows inside release to Fuller, allows completion on slant, tackles immediately after catch.
-Boxed out by Fuller on out route, tried to disrupt catch but unsuccessful.
-Physical in man, cuts in front of in-route and takes interception in for a TD.
-Beat on whip route, makes tackle but banged up on the play.
-Back in the game, looking tough in man coverage. WR really has to earn separation.
-Shows a smooth transition between his backpedal and sprint.
-Disrupts another catch, locates ball and attacks the receivers hands.

Overview: Fuller used his physicality and size to punish Byndom, but his man coverage skills might have been the difference in the game. Byndom will be a very intriguing junior to watch for the 2013 NFL Draft.

#72 OL Mason Walters*
-Lined up at right guard.
-Combo block, blows DT off the ball – good power through contact.
-Weak cut block attempt, pretty much missed the player.
-Pulls across the formation, can’t find anyone to block.
-Uses DL’s momentum to push him past the pocket, feet moving well.
-Absorbs strong punch, re-sets and anchors – good lower body strength.
-Misses block on the second level, a little over-extended.
-Composed on the move, not overly quick in his pulls.
-Picks up linebacker blitz easily. Came off the combo with plenty of time.
-Not much of a finisher, doesn’t look like he has much of a killer instinct tonight.
-Narrow base coming through hole on pull, knocked to the ground.
-Good initial push, but quits on the play as ball-carrier is still pushing pile.
-Picked up end/tackle stunt easily.
-Called for false start.
-Gets in good position after pull, just doesn’t explode through the hole.

Overview: Walters was technically sound and showed some strength, but his lack of physicality and finishing ability were troubling. He was effective on combo blocks, but never really gave anyone a good pop.

#26 RB/WR DJ Monroe
-Returning kickoffs, as well as playing receiver and taking handoffs.
-Takes handoff on sweep from the shotgun, can’t get to the edge, goes down on first contact.
-Handles the ball well on end-around / reverse.
-Shifty move makes one man miss in the backfield, good burst to the edge.

Overview: Not a big part of the Texas offense.

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2 Responses to “Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Texas A&M vs Texas (2011)”

  1. Stephen S says:

    Out of Sean Porter Damontre Moore Alex Okafor and Jackson Jeffcoat who impresses you the most? From the sounds of it Porter and Moore sounded like they had a better game but is that because of the quality of the Oline they faced compared to what Okafor and Jeffcoat faced.

    • NEPD says:

      I think Okafor was perhaps the most impressive due to the competition, but Moore probably had the best night of all of them.

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