Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Oregon vs Arizona (2011)


#24 RB Kenjon Barner
-runs thru an arm tackle, shows burst to get first down
-shows patience, waits for blocks to set up
-shows off footwork and speed in beating defender to the edge, defender even had correct angle
-gets to flat quickly, makes catch for the TD
-shows plus balance in avoiding an arm tackle, turns no gain into 9 yards.

Overview: Has some solid skills, but this game was more about LaMichael James setting a record. Has ability to run outside, inside and can catch passes. Showed all these talents in limited touches vs Arizona.

#20 FS John Boyett
-made up ground quickly to nearly make INT in endzone
-separates WR from ball with a viscous hit. Had opportunity for the INT, but went for big hit instead.
-took bad angle on big gain from WR screen
-came out of nowhere to make TD preventing pass breakup.

Overview: Solidly built athlete. Does not shy away from contact. Makes big plays, but misses some as well.

#61 RT Nick Cody
-very sloppy cut block attempt
-gets to 2nd level to make key block on LB for a TD run
-looks lost in pass pro, like he doesn’t know who to block
-completely misses block, leads to a QB sack
-nice drive on back to back runs. Really got behind his pads and drove
-reached edge to drive DE outside, created long run

Overview: Not much impressed me with Cody. Lacks strength and athleticism

#96 DE Dion Jordan
-lined up at multiple positions in this game. DE in 3 and 4 man fronts, OLB and even covered the slot a few times
-press coverage on WR, drove him into running play
-used long arms to create space
-tried to run thru RT, but had little push
-quick on his feet
-would much rather run around contact
–has speed and club/slap as his pass rush repertoire. Needs to add creativity in selection to prepare for next level
-shows nice burst and sideline to sideline speed
-Saw ball carrier, but couldn’t get off block

Overview: Impressed. Jordan can rush the passer from many spots on the field. Quickness is a plus, along with his length. Would like to see him add some good weight this offseason, added strength would increase his chances of being a stellar prospect.

#77 LG Carson York
-sold QB draw well. Got to 2nd level to wall off #40.
-nice drive after reaching #99
-again, gets to 2nd level to make key block
-opens huge hole, drives defender 5 yards on a TD run
-mirrored very well in pass pro. Showed nice extension in his punch
-turned and walled off man with ease, RB came right off his backside for a long run
-plays high at times
-left game before halftime with right leg injury.
-drives to the whistle
-excellent chip block, worked way to next level.
-QB draw for TD behind York, took DT and drove him entirely out of play
-left game late with another/same right leg injury

Overview: Intelligent, solid all-around prospect. Fits best in a ZBS. Could play lower at times. This game was vs inferior talent on the defensive line, so my excitement is tempered. Dominated every man in front of him. Looking forward to seeing more.

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One Response to “Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Oregon vs Arizona (2011)”

  1. Stephen S says:

    Nfldraftscout has Dion Jordan as their 7th ranked DE as of now. I’ve heard good things about Dion Jordan elsewhere as well(Versitile and Smart) If hes that impressive it makes me wonder how good the other 6 are. We shall see as the year progresses.

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