Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Oregon vs Arizona (2011)

Dion Jordan Patriots Draft

How high could Dion Jordan rise in the 2013 NFL Draft? (Photo: US Presswire)

NEPD Contributor: Jason Madson

This wasn’t much of a game, except for a brief time in the 3rd quarter. Oregon, led by Dion Jordan, dominated the Wildcats. The Ducks have multiple prospects that are worth taking a look.

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#15 WR Dan Buckner
-lined up outside on the plays I could see
-turned a negative into a positive on a blown up screen, made a guy miss to pick up extra yards.
-very long athlete
-clearly frustrated after near TD in the endzone. Hard to tell, at who the frustration was aimed.

Overview: Difficult game to scout for Buckner. Wasn’t involved much in a huge passing day for Foles.

#31 HB Taimi Tutogi
-lined up at fullback, halfback and TE
-high energy
-lined up at TE, failed to get any kind of push
-turns defender and walls him off on running play
-as FB tries to block, goes with head to the ground and gets thrown aside
-shows skill at pass pro in the backfield, picked up correct man on blitz/missed block

Overview: Doesn’t lack effort. Rarely misses a block, just won’t hold it for very long. Handled the ball a few plays running and as a receiver. Skills are limited.

#68 LT Mickey Baucus*
-huge prospect, can add weight on the monster frame.
-forced #96 inside to help
-overextends, gets beat with a slap
-has trouble adjusting to speed outside
-begins to guess what defender will do. instead of engaging, waits for defender to make move
-successful chip, then walled off defender at 2nd level
-received more help in 2nd half, had TE and FB to his side.
-looked confused with blitz pickup.
Overview: Young, massive offensive tackle prospect. This game was early in his redshirt freshman season, so I expect improvement. Has some tools, just needs to learn his body and how to use it. Film will help as well, needs to see what he’s doing wrong.

#76 OC Kyle Quinn
-pushed back 3 yards into ball carrier
-struggles to get push in run game
-sits into stance and delivers nice blow in pass pro
-lunged to get push on defender
-turned 66 away from play, running back ran right off the block for a TD
-sold screen well, worked downfield and made nice open field block
-DT throws him aside, makes play behind line of scrimmage.

Overview: Struggles in the run game. Average in pass pro. Needs to get stronger in all areas of his game.

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One Response to “Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Oregon vs Arizona (2011)”

  1. Stephen S says:

    Nfldraftscout has Dion Jordan as their 7th ranked DE as of now. I’ve heard good things about Dion Jordan elsewhere as well(Versitile and Smart) If hes that impressive it makes me wonder how good the other 6 are. We shall see as the year progresses.

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