Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Oklahoma State vs Stanford (2011)


#44 LB Chase Thomas
-Lining up at outside linebacker, defensive end and playing on multiple special teams units.
-Using a variety of 2 and 3-point stances.
-Fights through LT’s outside shoulder, has some power.
-Crashes down the line and wraps up for no gain.
-Active hands, has some suddenness to his game.
-Absorbs big punch, just keeps coming.
-Late dropping on zone blitz, couldn’t catch up to Blackmon from behind – effort was there.
-Initially made up some ground on Blackmon, but didn’t have the long speed.
-Arm over beats RT, QB gets ball out quickly.
-Quick swim move gets around LT, puts good hit on QB.
-Too high on A-gap blitz, OG blows him back.
-Very quick around the edge, closes on the football well.
-Stoned on bull rush by LT.
-Stands up fullback, set a hard edge and forced Randle inside.
-Nice club move on LT, another big hit a second late.
-One of the few players on defense with some energy late.
-Not ready for the play, can’t wrap up running back – play goes for tying TD.

Overview: Although he had only a few tackles, Thomas was constantly pressuring the quarterback and affecting the game. He showed a wide repertoire of rush moves – color me impressed.

#22 RB Stepfan Taylor
-Average cut block attempt in pass protection.
-Shows good vision bouncing play outside, delivers hit to corner.
-Taking good care of the ball, puts in the correct hand.
-Shows nice stiff arm on middle linebacker.
-Legs do not stop, powerful drive, good leverage.
-Finds DL to pick up in pass protection, gets a bit too upright and is blown back.
-Plus change of direction skills on display, two decisive cuts in the backfield.
-Slips on cut, goes down at the line of scrimmage.
-Great balance on next play, keeps speed after jump cut, goes in for TD.
-Effective cut block, takes DL out of play.
-Running with a very low pad level, gaining a lot of yards after contact.
-Makes himself skinny through the level, good burst out of it.
-Hesitation moves leaves corner grabbing at air.
-Telegraphs cut block, DE jumps over him and makes sack.
-More power running, low center of gravity, always falling forward.
-Enough speed to get the edge, covers up the ball well.
-Just enough surge to get into the end zone for one yard touchdown.
-Releases after block, makes easy catch and makes first down.
-Screen pass set up nicely, takes what he can get.

Overview: Taylor was the best running back on the field and certainly had the best line blocking for him. He was decisive, powerful and fundamentally sound.

#86 TE Zach Ertz
-Lining up inline and off the line – standing up and 3-point stance.
-Sits down underneath the zone quickly, makes the catch and powers forward for extra yardage.
-Nice whip route, gains separation and plucks ball.
-Safety falls down, Ertz makes easy catch and dives over defender into the end zone.
-Poor blocking attempt on screen play – “ole” style.
-DE fights through his block, blows up play – hands swatted away.
-Good positioning takes blitzer out of play, pushes him in as QB rolls out.

Overview: I expected a little more from Ertz in this game. He wasn’t dominant in the blocking game and although he had a couple of good catches, he wasn’t overly impressive.

#11 TE Levine Toilolo
-Lining up inline and off the line – standing up and 3-point stance.
-Getting open early, but Luck can’t find him.
-In pass protection, a bit narrow and off-balance.
-Chips DE, gets into route well and makes nice low catch.
-Locks out on DE at the line, creates nice hole.
-Controls LB at the second level, showing good blocking skills – long arms.
-Good push on DT, strong player.
-Bad false start penalty in overtime.

Overview: I liked Toilolo blocking and was able to find soft spots running routes. He looked like a NFL-ready tight end.

#11 LB Shayne Skov
-Injured and missed the game.

Overview: Skov is a prospect that we’ll be watching closely for the 2013 NFL Draft.

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