Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Michigan State vs Wisconsin (2011)


#2 DE William Gholston*
-Suspended for game due to on-field punching incident.

Overview: Don’t worry, we’ll be evaluating the dynamic Gholston plenty of times this year.

#40 LB Max Bullough*
-Lined up as “Mike” linebacker.
-Taken to ground by Zeitler at the second level.
-Tracks ball and wraps up on Ball.
-Let Frederick get under his pads and push him back.
-Bites on play-fake.
-Comes on blitz, easily handled. Pursues down the field with good effort.
-Fights off of Zeitler’s block and assists on tackle.
-Runs right will TE in coverage on deep route.
-Can’t get off block from #72 at 2nd level.
-Getting dominated by the Wisconsin o-line when they get their hands on him.

Overview: Overmatched by the Wisconsin line. Showed a good motor, but wasn’t able to get off blocks by the powerful guards Frederick and Zeitler.

#5 CB Johnny Adams
-In zone, passes off WR to safety and closes quickly on TE underneath.
-Solid tackle on Ball, wraps up low.
-Press man, gives up inside release and trails Nick Toon closely on slant. Nearly got his hand on the ball and still got the tackle.
-Press man, not being very physical at the line.
-Feisty holding his spot against the run.
-Comes on blitz, gets a piece of Wilson and makes him step up into defense.
-Continues to be strong against the run, lays a big hit on Ball.
-Fills the hole and puts another hit on Ball.
-Came on another blitz, puts pressure on Wilson.
-Jumps on pump fake, allows Wilson to run in for touchdown.
-Perfect timing on CB blitz, draws holding penalty on Wagner.

Overview: Wasn’t targeted much in the passing game, but showed off his skills in the run game and came on a couple of successful blitzes that pressured Wilson.

#10 OLB Chris Norman
-Lined up at OLB.
-Makes tackle for loss, unblocked, wrapped up and made solid hit.
-Does his job and turns Wilson back in on run.
-Bites on play-fake, leaves zone wide open.
-Solid tackle on end-around, doesn’t take the fake.
-Misses tackle on Ball, juked and barely got a hand on him.

Overview: Made some plays when unblocked, but struggled getting off blocks the majority of the night. Has some talent and could be a late round pick next year.

#62 OG Chris McDonald
-Lined up at right guard.
-Poor cut block attempt on DT, no effect.
-Misses block on second level.
-Gets out on reverse, moves well and springs Martin for touchdown.
-Combo block and then moves to linebacker, loses balance and taken to ground by LB.
-Good push but got over-extended and lost his base.
-Strong block on linebacker, perfect positioning.
-Moves out DT, got under his pads and turns him out of the hole.

Overview: Showed some athletic skills and strength, but his technique needs a lot of cleaning up. Has some upside.

#51 OT Fou Fonoti
-Lined up at right tackle.
-Moves well, looks natural.
-Shows great speed running out ahead of RB 25 yards down the field.
-Got out on edge rusher quickly, showed quick feet.
-Going to the ground without reason way too often – needs to hit somebody.
-Another poor cut block attempt.
-Mirrors defender easily, moves feet well.
-Looks very comfortable in pass protection.
-Not overly aggressive, seems content to be a “catcher.”
-Indecisive out on edge, ends up missing both blocks.

Overview: Looked very adept in pass protection, but spent too much time on the ground in the run game. Didn’t look very physical. Athletic kid though, very natural and fluid running around.

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  1. Chris says:

    Chris McDonald, OG of the Spartans, is Nick’s younger brother. Nick of the NE Patriots.

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