Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Michigan State vs Wisconsin (2011)

Monte Ball 2013 NFL Draft

Is Montee Ball destined to be a top pick in the 2013 NFL Draft?


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

Wisconsin and Michigan State each had multiple top draft picks in 2012 and based on our initial work, we’d expect to hear even more Spartans and Badgers names called during the 2013 NFL Draft.

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#58 OT Ricky Wagner
-Lined up at left tackle.
-Engulfs DE and pushes him five yards off the ball.
-Mirrors DE easily, arms extended keeping himself clean.
-Walls off DE and moves him away from play.
-Looks very natural moving in space.
-Just dominating the DE’s that he is facing, overwhelming them on contact.
-Controls Worthy one on one, once he is locked on it has been over all night.
-Called for holding, a little late getting out to the edge on CB blitz and pulled him down.
-Picks up blitzer quickly to his left, no problem making the block.

Overview: Dominant the majority of the night. Looked naturally powerful and moved well. A legitimate top-flight NFL left tackle prospect.

#72 OG Travis Frederick*
-Lined up at left guard.
-Combo block on DT and then misses linebacker on second level.
-Controls linebacker at the second level, good burst off the ball.
-Gets his hands on Jerel Worthy and walls him off.
-Staying low off the ball, gets chip on DT and big block on LB.
-Uses Worthy’s first step against him and pushes him out of play with ease.
-Moved very well pulling to his left, buried the linebacker.
-Easily moves DT out of the hole, powerful through contact.
-Very quick on Power-O, locates linebacker and walls him off.
-Gets out on screen, gets a glancing blow on a safety.
-Sells play action very well.
-Awkward cut block attempt.
-Powerful anchor against Worthy, stoned him on bull-rush.
-Two great blocks, chips on DT and then pushes #40 out of the hole.
-DT fights through outside shoulder and makes TFL.

Overview: Looked just as good as Zeitler was in my opinion. Had two below average plays, but dominated linebackers and defensive tackles the majority of the night in the run game and in pass protection.

#28 RB Montee Ball
-Absorbs big hit, stays balanced, runs for five more yards.
-Workhorse early, running behind his pads with a lot of power.
-Making one cut and heading north/south.
-Patience evident on the sweep, let his blocks set up.
-Finds big hole, runs in for easy touchdown through an arm tackle or two.
-Stoned in backfield by Worthy, really had no chance.
-Fighting for every yard, rarely going down on first contact.
-Poor attempt at blocking blitzing CB.
-Takes a big shot from multiple defenders, off the field.
-Makes wide-open catch on wheel route.
-Beaten again in blitz pickup.
-Runs through arm tackles, rumbles for 20 yards.
-Looks lost in blitz pickup, but eventually throws a block.
-Nifty cut, makes a man miss with jump cut.
-Patient run, then explodes through hole and falls forward for extra yardage.
-Makes catch out of the backfield as an outlet, hands catch, runs in for TD.

Overview: Showed good power and some nifty moves, but really struggled in blitz pickup. With as hard as he runs, some NFL teams might be concerned about his future durability.

#44 LB Chris Borland*
-Lined up at WLB and MLB.
-Knew where the ball was going and looked shot out of a cannon, wrapped up for no gain.
-Shoots through the hole and makes the back cut in the backfield, led to tackle for loss.
-Closes quickly from zone and lays hit on receiver.
-Can’t fight through trash on reverse, taken out of play by TE.
-Reads run and is a little late getting to his zone on 4th down.
-Playing special teams as well.
-Splits two blocks and makes the TFL, read the play very quickly.
-Doesn’t quite have enough speed to get to the edge and stop RB on sweep, picked his way through blockers with ease.
-Solid tackle on receiver, wrapped up and brought him to the ground.

Overview: Borland showed good instincts and played much bigger than he is. I doubt he’ll declare this year, but he could be a Top 100 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

#53 LB Mike Taylor
-Lined up as MLB and SLB.
-Plays contain, then lays big hit on RB and causes fumble.
-Can’t get off block from guard on the second level.
-Picks his way through trash, wraps up for solid tackle.
-Good depth on his drop, couldn’t quite get a hand on the ball.
-Poor angle on reverse, can’t make the tackle.
-Slips cut block attempt and wraps up for the tackle.
-Overruns play, leaves cutback lane wide open.
-Ran over by running back, was upright and off balance.
-Zone drop, solid tackle on receiver, reacted to the QB before he threw it.
-Can’t (Disputed) quite keep the ball from breaking the plane on “Hail Mary”.

Overview: Tough linebacker that has a good motor and shows some natural strength. Didn’t show a lot of athleticism.

#14 CB Marcus Cromartie
-Recovers fumble at bottom of pile.
-Tight coverage on Martin, but can’t dislodge ball on sideline.
-Sticks to tight end easily.
-Off man, tracks deep ball well and breaks up pass. Turned and ran with Martin.
-Comes up in run support and wraps up for the tackle.
-Misses tackle on 4th down, goes for TD.
-Cover two, closes fast on flat route and makes solid tackle.
-Whiffs on open field tackle attempt.
-Stiff armed and drug for about 7 yards, but eventually gets WR to the ground.
-Poor angle and weak tackle attempt as Martin goes for TD.
-Press man, fade route, tight coverage and gets hand in receiver’s face but never located ball, completion.
-Another iffy tackle attempt, reaching rather than hitting.

Overview: Showed some good coverage skills but struggled tackling at times. Looked natural in zone and man.

#10 CB Devin Smith
-Injured and out for the game (Left Foot).

Overview: Look for Smith to have a good year in 2012 if his foot is 100%.

#11 DE David Gilbert
-Injured and out for the game (Broken Foot).

Overview: Will look forward to seeing more from Gilbert in 2012.

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