Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: LSU vs Alabama (2011)

Tyrann Mathieu Patriots Draft

Is Tyrann Mathieu a top defensive back for the 2013 NFL Draft? (Photo: US Presswire)


NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

If there’s one game to watch from the 2011 season to watch 2012 prospects, this game between LSU and Alabama is the place to start.

With 20+ draft eligible guys getting playing time, this one took a long time to take notes on every player. LSU wound up sneaking off with the victory, but both defenses had great games, which is status quo for the SEC and especially these two teams.

Matt Elder from broke down the BCS Champsionship game featuring these two same teams.


#89 DE Lavar Edwards
-Standing up on the edge, may lack the athleticism to play OLB in the NFL.
-Comes off the field for Mingo in obvious passing situations.
-Uses length well to disengage.
-Successful against Vlachos penetrating from the inside.
-When asked to play DT, has a hard time holding his ground and staying his lane vs. the run.
-Bites hard on play action.
-Does a nice job keeping his pad level down.
-Uses long arms well in run game.
-Showed nice athleticism on his stunt from DT.
-Looks a lot better with his hand on the ground, struggles with strength, change of direction standing up.
-As expected, struggles against double teams.
-Not an great blitzer from the outside when he’s asked to.

#99 DE Sam Montgomery
-Stacks and sheds Williams to get inside the backfield, blow the play up.
-Tough to defend his first step, very quick off the line
-Flys around the edge.
-Uses long arms well for leverage, vs. the run and in getting them in the QBs face.
-Even dangerous double teamed, splits his blockers well.
-Can still get overpowered when his pad level gets too high.
-Doesn’t have a ton of pass rush moves right now in his repetoire.
-Can look a bit awkward running in space.
-Crazy high motor, brings it on every play.
-Can still use work setting the edge against the run.
-Shows nice footwork at times when setting the edge. Textbook.

#49 DE Barkevious Mingo
-Doesn’t extend his arms enough, gets too engulfed in Fluker
-Plays limited snaps, but motor doesn’t stop, gets through on almost every play with speed, strength, change of direction
-Shows nice footwork, pad level setting the edge.
-Gets his arms up on almost every QB pressure.
-Has a tendency to get too engaged at times, not using length enough.
-When he uses his length to his advantage, he can really steer his blockers wherever he wants.
-Flashes elite athleticism, looks great running in space.
-Doesn’t show an advanced array of pass rush moves.
-Strikes well with his hands, gets violent.
-Turns the edge extremely well. Gets his shoulder low, turns smoothly.
-Could afford to bulk up.
-First step might be even stronger standing up.

#93 DT Bennie Logan
-Keeps pad level down well.
-Moves well for a player his size.
-Takes on double teams well, really holds his ground against the powerful Alabama OL.
-Later gets pushed way back against double team. Could definitely add some bulk.
-Uses arms well vs. run.
-Locates the ball well in the backfield.
-Has nice lateral quickness for a big man.

#46 LB Kevin Minter
-Fights his way through blockers well
-Good instincts. Reads the run well, keeps his lane.
-Looks good in his backpedal dropping into coverage.
-Didn’t fill correct lane, let up big play to Richardson.
-Hesitates too much at times.
-Showed some nice interior blitz ability with speed/strength.
-Impressive in man coverage. Nice lateral quickness.

#7 CB Tyrann Mathieu
-Doesn’t have elite athleticism, but shows elite anticipation, instincts.
-Doesn’t always tackle with great form, leads with the shoulder to try to deliver a big blow.
-Covers a ton of ground on every play.
-Comes from the edge well, always gets his hands up to disrupt the passer.
-Usually the last line of defense even though he’s playing corner.
-Unbelievable closing speed.
-Doesn’t always do a great job of keeping with more advanced cuts.
-Has a tendency to trust his instincts too much and bite too hard at times.

#1 S Eric Reid
-Tackles with his shoulder a lot.
-Takes nice lanes against the run, reads the run very well.
-Very smooth for a big man.
-Nice ball skills, readjusts well in the air on interception. Fights for the ball.

#11 RB Spencer Ware
-Cuts to the edge well, shows off nice change of direction skills.
-Keeps his feet moving at the point of contact, keeps churning.
-Very little hesitation.
-Doesn’t always show the best vision.
-Mostly shut down vs. a very good Alabama defense.
-Does a nice job making something out of nothing a couple times, wasn’t given a lot of room.

#42 RB Michael Ford
-Powerful runner, keeps his balance well.
-Compact frame, absorbs contact well.
-Gets the extra yard after first contact.
-Shows a quick stutter step. I prefer Ford over Ware.

#76 OT Chris Faulk
-Gets beat inside, but recovers nicely.
-Continues to get beat inside.
-Flashes great athleticism at the position.
-Does a nice job standing up his defenders, shows very nice balance, coordination.
-Uses hands very well, extends and pushes.
-Got beat by Upshaw’s speed on the edge, just couldn’t get back in time.
-Squares himself up nicely against defenders.
-Shows great strength holding his ground against elite Alabama defenders.
-Solidifies the edge very well, can kick out against edge rushers well.

#72 OT Alex Hurst
-Footwork still a bit awkward, allows Upshaw to fly right past him.
-Simply gets overpowed, shoved onto his back.
-Has real trouble engaging with defenders, never meets them head on and squared up.
-Seems to lack a killer instinct.
-I question the athleticism a little bit, always seems to be trying to compensate.

#10 WR Shepard, Russell
-Shows off nice hands on the screen.
-Flashes nice footwork off the snap.
-Gets the handoff out of the backfield, doesn’t get far, but isn’t helped by blocking.
-Shows some nice blocking potential.

#88 TE Chase Clement
-Drops the ball, but he’s swarmed by defenders.
-Decent blocker, but doesn’t show great technique.
-Didn’t flash a lot in this game, doesn’t run great routes or show off great hands.

#64 OC PJ Lonegran
-Didn’t start, but replaced Herbert early.
-Nice athleticism when pulling, but lacks some technique/control.
-Shows great strength when he can engage and drive.
-Herbert back in to start 2nd half.
-Back in the 3rd quarter.
-I’d like to see him control the offense a little more, drop back and find the blitzer. Plays slightly panicky.

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3 Responses to “Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: LSU vs Alabama (2011)”

  1. td says:

    The “honey-badger” is good at special teams, but awful on defense. He’s out of position, broadcasts blitzes, misses tackles and is a source of personal foul calls.

  2. James says:

    Tyranny mathieu doesn’t have elite athleticism????? You’ve seen him return kicks right?

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