Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Illinois vs Northwestern (2011)


#88 DE Quentin Williams
-Lining up at DE in sub-packages.
-Stoned on speed rush by Jeff Allen, but comes off it to sack QB as he tries to escape.
-Stayed active and didn’t quit on the play.
-Tries bullrush on LT, not nearly enough power.
-Great balance, fights through trash and tracks ball down the line, makes solid tackle.
-Unable to use hands against Allen, getting engulfed.
-Able to get the corner against RT, chases QB down five yards down the field.
-Pursues down the line, good motor.

Overview: Didn’t see a ton of playing time, but was able to make an impact with his motor. With Vince Browne gone in 2012, we should see some more of Williams, who projects as a developmental DE/OLB type in the NFL.

#70 OT Patrick Ward
-Lined up at right tackle.
-Bulled over by Buchanan, got way too high and gave up his midsection.
-Tough time locking out on DE, hands getting swatted down.
-Chips DE and gets enough of LB to take him out of the play.
-Able to mirror Buchanan on speed rush, a rarity.
-Perfect cut block on screen pass.
-Locks out on Brown, doesn’t let him disengage.
-Doesn’t have enough strength to anchor against strong bull rush.

Overview: Over-powered and out-classed by Buchanan and Mercilus all day. Not strong enough or quick enough to stay with either of them. Ward didn’t look like anything more than a developmental tackle.

#72 OG Brian Mulroe
-Lined up at left guard.
-Picks up stunt, pushes Mercilus out of the play.
-Has some strength, effective combo blocker.
-Gets a bit off balance, knocked to the ground.
-Finishes Spence off with some help from the LT.
-Good initial positioning on 2nd level, but lets LB disengage and make play.

Overview: Mulroe looked pretty good at times, getting some good push when working in combinations. He looks like he could develop into a backup guard at the next level.

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One Response to “Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Illinois vs Northwestern (2011)”

  1. Stephen S says:

    M. Buchanan doesnt seem like an elite player but a very good solid player(selected All Big-Ten Second Team 2011) that gets some production(6.5 sacks, 12.5 TFLs and 60 tackles) wondering how he will do now that Mercilius is gone. Was reading J. Brown came on late in the year which made me wonder did the light go off and he started putting it all together I guess time will tell.

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