Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Georgia vs Michigan State


#2 DE William Gholston
-Playing RDE and LDE.
-Chopped down to the ground by RB cut block.
-Walled off by Orson Charles.
-Offsides penalty.
-Fumble recovery and return for a few yards.
-Big sack on third down, power move followed by spin.
-Pad level is way too high, blown off the ball by Charles.
-Too far out in front of himself, falls down as Charles pulls the chair.
-Doubled, held his own and kept an arm free to try and influence pass.
-Tries outside speed rush on Glenn, no chance as Glenn stays on his line.
-Handled by Charles on edge again, can’t set the edge.
-Leaps over cut-block attempt by RB.
-End/tackle stunt, lays out Murray as he throws – big, clean hit.
-Getting way too high at times, letting TE and RT get under his pads.
-End/tackle stunt again, tackled by OL, could have been a holding penalty.
-Nice club move, forces help to come his way.
-Drops into coverage in zone blitz.
-Power move outside to gain the edge, closes on QB and makes the sack.

Overview: Gholston got better as the game went on, finishing with his best play of the night. Showed some great athleticism and power, but was sloppy with his pad-level. Reminds me a bit of Quinton Coples at times. Seven tackles and two sacks is a pretty good bowl game.

#5 CB Johnny Adams
-Covering slot and outside receivers.
-Press man on 3rd and 1, gives up a little separation on comeback route.
-Misses tackle on Boykin in space, didn’t touch him.
-Misses another tackle in space, didn’t lay a finger on RB on screen pass.
-Not settling down, too much forward motion and can’t move laterally.
-Inexplicably, misses another tackle.
-Called for PI, holding on to WR’s arm.
-Press man, sticks on the receiver on corner route, gets his hands in on receiver to disrupt catch.

Overview: Horrible game for Adams trying to tackle, that was embarrassing. Still covered well in man, but that was really ugly watching try and tackle – didn’t show that deficiency against Wisconsin.

#40 LB Max Bullough
-Playing MLB, calling the defensive plays.
-Comes on weak blitz, play goes away from him.
-Good hustle after biting on play action.
-Drops into zone coverage, constantly reading QB.
-Dodges block from Cordy Glenn and assists on tackle.
-Stands up RB at LOS, form tackle.
-Cut down by center.
-Man coverage on 3rd-down RB, sticks with him on option route.

Overview: Did a good job getting the Spartans into a good defense, while adding some production (3 tackles) in the run game. Never stopped his effort and showed some decent athleticism.

#10 LB Chris Norman
-Playing OLB.
-Walked out on slot receiver, can’t close quickly enough out of zone.
-Blitzes from the slot area, disciplined sticking with the QB until he was certain ball was out.
-Can’t shake block from TE Charles on bubble screen.
-Reads play quickly and closes down on receiver.
-Run blitz, perfect tackle in backfield for big loss.
-Flies in from the numbers to make huge tackle for loss – read play immediately.

Overview: Made a couple of WOW plays, really has a knack for diagnosing the play quickly and coming up and making the hit.

#51 OT Fou Fonoti
-Playing right tackle.
-Excellent cut block, takes out the ILB.
-Reaches and misses blitzing LB on the backside.
-Effective combo block on Jenkins.
-Over-powered at the POA, DE got under his pads.
-Showed quickness dealing with Jones, mirrored him very well.
-Doesn’t find CB quick enough, can’t get out to block him in time.
-Losing some edge battles against #83, but able to push him past pocket at last second.
-Picks up CB blitz, saw him coming just in time.
-Keeping up with WR and TE running down the field to block on screen.
-Stones OLB on conversion move.

Overview: Was just quick enough to stick with Washington and Jones on the edge. Stuck with their conversion moves and was able to push them past the pocket the majority of the night.

#62 OG Chris McDonald
-Playing right guard.
-Effective combo block on Jenkins.
-Great work moving DT out, then chipping him to make sure he doesn’t pursue.
-Nice combo block on Geathers with center, blew him off the ball.
-Very effective getting out on the linebackers, finishing blocks.
-Handles Jenkins 1 on 1, pushes him off of ball, then pushes pile.
-Pushes Ogletree 10 yards into end zone.

Overview: Younger brother of Patriots OL Nick McDonald, looked feisty and powerful against the vaunted Georgia defensive line. Very effective on combo blocks and and on the second level.

#4 PK Dan Conroy
-Averaged 61 yards per kickoff, 45 net.
-1 for 1 on extra points.
-Hits clutch 35-yarder in overtime, splits the uprights.
-Another perfect 28-yard FG in overtime, ends up being the game-winner.

Overview: Decent night on kickoffs, fantastic in clutch situations in overtime. Looked cool and split the uprights with ease.

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