A Scouts Take: 15 Thoughts on the NFL Draft

11. The New York Jets just can’t help themselves when it comes to acquiring splashy names regardless of how they fit into the fabric of their team. They did it all last off-season bringing in guys like Plaxico Burress, LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie, despite the fact their personality might not fit into the locker room.

This year they went out and got the biggest personality in the history of the NFL in Tim Tebow, despite the fact that this will become a major distraction in the locker room. The same thing can be said for the way they draft. The Jets went on the clock at pick #16 and had their choice of any pass rusher they wanted outside of Bruce Irvin. They could have taken Melvin Ingram, Chandler Jones or even Whitney Mercilus all of whom are maximum effort players and solid character guys.

Instead, Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum were tempted yet again by the big name in Quenton Coples, despite how he fits in the locker room or on the field. Coples is widely regarded as a “Me first” type player, one who really didn’t show up at all this past season. His effort level to say the least was inconsistent and there are obviously concerns that he was just trying to “get paid”. On the field the fit is questionable as well. Coples was not considered to be one of the players who could stand up and play OLB and Rex Ryan has already said he will play DE for the Jets.

This is an incredibly risky pick and yet another big time name with a questionable passion and work ethic for the Jets locker room.

12. I really don’t like the Browns reaching for Brandon Weeden at pick #22. It seemed to me it would have made sense for the Browns to try and trade down or even wait until the early second round to pick the Oklahoma State QB. I don’t see a team between pick #22 and their #37 selection that would have taken Brandon Weeden.

In my opinion, it would have made more sense for the Browns to take the best defensive player available at pick #22 or even OG David DeCastro and then take Weeden in the second round. Weeden will now be considered the starting QB, just based on the fact that they used a top 25 pick on him. The rest of the Browns draft was pretty solid.

I like Mitchell Schwartz, but not at #37 overall. John Hughes and Travis Benjamin were reaches in my opinion, but after that the rest of the draft was very good. James-Michael Johnson should be able to make an impact on defense this year, Billy Winn is an underrated
DL who the Browns stole in the 6th round and Trevin Wade was one of the better defensive backs taken in the 6th round.

Again, I think the Browns missed an opportunity to add another impact player by reaching for Brandon Weeden in the first, but overall I think the Browns are a better team now than they were last week.

13. I don’t think the Arizona Cardinals addressed their needs in the first round of the draft, but were able to makeup for a little bit when Bobby Massie fell to them in the fourth round.

Entering the offseason the Cardinals needed to find a way to strengthen their offensive line and imparticular their pass blocking. They weren’t able to do it in free agency and actually brought back Levi Brown who was a trainwreck last season. They opted to select Michael Floyd in the first round over an offensive lineman such as David DeCastro or Riley Reiff.

While I am alright with the Floyd selection I don’t see how the Cardinals are going to improve their OL THIS season unless Bobby Massie is much more ready for NFL Primetime than everyone thinks. While Floyd is a solid player I think the Cardinals are in for more of the same this season if they can’t protect the QB.

14. I like what the Colts did on offense in the draft, but I have no clue what they plan to do on defense this year. I understand getting Andrew Luck his security blanket, Coby Fleener in the second round. I have no problem with them coming back in the third round and getting another tight end in Dwayne Allen. I also really like TY Hilton and I think he will give the Colts and explosive and dynamic slot WR as well as kick returner. But, I really think they are going to struggle badly on defense this season. How have they gotten better in the secondary or along the defensive line? Freeney and Mathis are going to be playing new positions and ones they really aren’t suited to play. While the offense could be serviceable, I believe the defense is going to be really bad this year.

15. RIP Junior Seau. Gone way to soon.

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9 Responses to “A Scouts Take: 15 Thoughts on the NFL Draft”

  1. MJ says:


  2. kdog says:

    Mike and Doug,

    Thank you for all your work here – it was a blast. Great site!

  3. Joe Blake says:

    What say u about the Pats pick at #48?

    • Spearhead says:

      Hey JB,

      I’ll say this. Despite his high pick, I believe he will need some developement before he is a starter. What is he? He’s healthy and so provides insurance this year. Last year I think BB was hoping Das-Rowling was going to make it through the season. They should have given him more time. Also, Chung went down. However, despite the SB loss, the PATS D had turned the corner and was playing pretty well. His presence will hopefully elimiate the need for someone like Edelman to step in if multiple injuries occur again. Holy crap are we going to be good this year.

      Also – JR Seau – please do a piece on him. Try to get some good stories that the typical NE fan might not know about. I wish he held on. Love to his family.

      • Spearhead says:

        Hopefully, the league should pay for and require every NFL player to get a baseline brain scan or have the option to. Something they can compare to after each concussion. Colleges should do the same. They make enough money off these kids, it’s the least they can do.

        They should be able to R and D better helmets. Something that slows the momentum of the impacts so the secondary impact of the brain against the skull is reduced. Even if they need disposable helmets and toss on a new one if it gets too distorted. Crumple zones.

        Eyeware as well, so many players get poked in the eye. In this I have patented a solution for fogless goggles but have not gotten very far beyond the patent. It can be incorporated into helmets and paintball masks as well. I would like to post the website my patent attorney made but am asking before I post out of courtesy. The design looks simplistic but it works – no fogging while jogging.

        I have formerly used the name Mark on this site.

        • qwerty says:

          agree with what you said about Pats D turned the corner

          As far as helmets, the NFL dictates what helmet a player wears and they all come from same manufacturer and are the same type. NFL should give some leeway in allowing the player to choose the helmet technology they want. They could put the helmet thru an approval process. This would allow the players to take personal responsibility and take control of their health more. As time goes by, the best helmets would rise to the top.

  4. Dan says:

    Yes, very good article.
    I’m pretty sick of listening to all the flowery reviews for each team.

    Personally, I don’t like what the Colts did after the Fleener pick…taking him made all the sense in the world, having a tight-end to go to is a QB’s best friend (other than an offensive line), and he’s from the same team, friends etc…But, you have to go to the lines and defense after this, anything else is just bad team building.

    I hated what the Browns did. I never take a running back in the top 10, and would hesitate to take one, ever, in the first round these days. He may be amazing, but I don’t build my team around a RB. Starting with the fact that they just don’t last…it’s like half value right away…5 year shelf life if you’re lucky; and, they can be had in later rounds or via free agency. Take the great corner or other skilled position and move on. I don’t care if he’s a “blue chip” (which I agree)…the position value is just not there.

    Taking Shea McClellin over DeCastro??? No way….sorry, DeCastro was a “blue chip” player even though nobody wanted to lump him in, and too many teams passed on him that could use a stud O-lineman.

    I was wondering if the Pats would end up with DeCastro as soon as that trade was made. Hightower was a great fit for Pittsburgh, but I knew we’d end up with one of the two, and I’m happy with who we got.

    I didn’t like what the Rams did, only because when you step back and look at their draft you see one common theme that is disturbing…nearly all the early picks are risky in some regard. I think a team re-building should be hedging with some more solid picks, while taking some risks would be ok, but not all of them.

    • TD says:

      I would agree with you about taking RB’s usually, but if you are the Browns with such a poor offense, very little at QB and even less at WR & TE, you need to start with a running game.

      Richardson is a homerun threat that can run and catch out of the backfield, he is big and physical-like Adrian Peterson, only better receiving skills.

  5. Tom says:

    Hands down this is my favorite series of articles anywhere. I really like the insight you provide Mike. I don’t feel like you get caught up in the hype and you are able to give balanced reviews of the players and teams. I hope this series continues in the future.

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