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‏ @chuysanchez_ @DougKyedNEPD#NEPDMailbag Who will have more sacks in 2012? Quinton Coples or Melvin Ingram?

I’m going to go with Coples, but a lot of that depends on what team/scheme they go to obviously. I’m not sure Ingram will ever be a double digit sack guy. If he’s going to be used as effectively as possible he’s going to be moved around a lot. I think Ingram will be a good player, I’m just not sure he’ll ever be used as a pass rush specialist.

I’m certainly not saying Coples will be either, but if he’s used at 7-tech, he’s going to do some damage, and I think he’ll do damage early. He’s got an NFL ready body, some NFL rush moves and a great first step off the snap. With the right team, and the right coaching, Coples can be as dominant as he wants to be.

I doubt either gets double digit sacks in their first seasons, but I see more production early from Coples.

@TalkOfThe_Town @DougKyedNEPD 4 great corners in this year draft class, you think we come away with one?

If I had to bet on the Patriots to wind up with one of them, it’s Janoris Jenkins, and it will likely be if he falls to the second round.

Personally, I would take Jenkins at 27, I’d even trade up for him. I think he’s a special talent that could strive in the Patriots defense. The Patriots are typically more conservative with their top picks though. They’ll typically take injury or character risks in the 2nd round and beyond.

Claiborne is going to go way to high for the Pats to trade up for, Kirkpatrick may not be the best fit at CB, but he would be a dream safety if the Pats saw him as one and would be willing to trade up for him. I think Gilmore will be gone either to the Bengals, Lions, Steelers or another team before the Pats. That leaves Jenkins and all the “good” CBs after him.

If the Pats can come out of the draft with Jenkins, Hosley, Fleming, Boykin, Trumaine Johson, Josh Robinson or Casey Hayward, I’ll be thrilled. I love all of those players. Ron Brooks, Dwight Bentley and Asa Jackson are all nice options as well.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this CB class is crazy deep.

@Draft_Hub @DougKyedNEPD Based on defensive scheme, which top players will likely be very low or even off the Patriots board?

Obviously we don’t know what the Patriots board will look like, but here are some of my top players that I think will be low on the Pats board due to a lack of scheme fit:

Zach Brown, Lavonte David, Mychal Kendricks, Travis Lewis: All athletic smaller LBs, none are the prototype size that New England looks for. I’d love to get a Lavonte David or Mychal Kendricks as a coverage specialist, but it’s not going to happen.

Jerrel Worthy: Doesn’t have scheme versatility, going to be a pure penetrating 3-tech.

Whitney Mercilus, Chandler Jones: I see both players as 7-tech only. I don’t expect the Patriots to use nearly as many four man fronts next season.

Josh Kaddu: SLB only. Doesn’t have the versatility needed in the Pats defense, though he may be better than Gary Guyton.

Chase Minnifield, Leonard Johnson, Josh Norman, Robert Blanton: Don’t have the speed or athleticism needed to fit Belichick’s prototype CB.

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19 Responses to “NEPD Mailbag: Too Long For Twitter”

  1. Liam says:

    Ugh that mock draft made me puke… so good job.

  2. Jim R says:

    It looks like there a whole lot of LB’s in the 6-6’2″ 235 lbs. Safety size. I look at a guy like Michael Kendricks who has 4.45 -4.5 speed. Good coverage skills. Could a switch to safety be done with guys like this? What would be the downside of it.

  3. tyson says:

    Im positive BB will trade pick 31….theres really not much seprating picks 25-32 when it comes 2 prospects/talent..picks 27 and 31 arnt 2 far apart so i think BB will trade the 31st and get value wise..a 2nd and 4th this year and a 1st rounder for next…maybe just a 2nd and 5th this yr and of course the 1st 4 next yr..theres still the possiblility of trading away both 1st rounders and a future pick(maybe a 2013 5th or 6th) to a team like Arizona at 13 or one of cinn’s picks (17 or 21st).both teams need depth behind already talented teams and can get the players they need later in the rnd…while the pats need great talent….defensive _differnce makers_ and its gonna be harder finding “that” player late in the 1st rnd cuz the players/talent that it holds is so clumped together..After early 20s no prospects standn apart from the rest.dont get me wrong.i know BB can find a “good” player with are 1st 2 picks and that player will contribute somehow to the team but IMO he can get that on the 2nd and 3rd days

    • Jim R says:

      Tyson, Dont be suprised if he backs out of the first round all together. YThere is not much seperation in talent from the 20’s to the end of round 3. Currently we have 5 picks in that area. When all is said and done we will end up picking 4 in that area. We will get some extra late round picks and another 1st and second in next years draft.
      How many draft picks/UFA’s do you see making this team? I say 5 Picks and 1 UFA.
      Here is what we can be confident he will do in the Draft a Fatty (OL) Draft a corner and/or a safety (Hopefully not Barron) Take a chance on a WR or TE (Yep another TE) in around rd 3-5
      Nothing will be a wow factor pick.

      • qwerty says:

        BB may want to back out of 1st round but that doesn’t mean he can. It takes another partner to trade. Middle first round is easiers to trade. Late first rounds have fewer trading partners.

  4. Dan says:

    I used the name “Steve” last year…yet, just as obnoxious (what’s in a name). So, go back and read what I wrote about Aldon Smith.
    I believe I was the first person in the known universe to bring him into the first round, and I’m pretty sure it was on this site.
    Nobody was talking about him, and I watched him play one Saturday and decided it was time to see the mocks (probably November?) for the coming year’s draft, and he was not mentioned. I then wondered if he was a freshman, but I found he was elligible.
    Anyway, point being, sometimes when someone can do something so well, and is so athletic (with me I was amazed at his athleticism & length etc…) that you have to let them do what they do. Smith may never be a great all-round player, who cares…he changes the game.

    Point being, maybe this year BB sees that this is ok…let a guy just rush the passer. He saw that we survived, even flourished, with Anderson after Carter went down. So, why not draft one of these “specialists” at getting to the QB? It’s not like he’s over-drafting them either…they could be there…or one could be there; so his value priority could remain intact.

    Another point: Look at who’s beaten him (in close games) the past 2 Super Bowls? The Giants…and they get after the QB…Jason Paul-Pierre was a “gamble” of a pick, many thought, but look what he can do to a game. It’s time to loosen up and grab a specialist. There isn’t an athlete like JPP or Smith this year, but these other guys may be a step behind, but good enough.

    • D.T. says:

      full of yourself much?

      I guarantee you weren’t the first to put him in the first round…he was a projected 1st rounder back in January of that year.

  5. STEVEN G says:

    Doug, please tell me ur mock was a joke. Both Jones overrated. No need for OT, TE, or RB. Menzie in 4th round? Really? My go;#27-Devon Still( Cox gone )#31 Branch #48 Kendal Reyes #62 Shea McClellin #93 Brian Quick #126 S Brandon Hardin. Can i get a woopwoop!

    • Doug Kyed says:

      “If I had to mock out a worst case scenario keeping the Pats current picks?”

      • Dan says:

        Your worst case scenario is almost spot on with mine; although I do like Mercilus enough to draft as a pure pass rusher for now…with the plan to develope into a full-time player. The need to get to the QB and strip the ball etc…is too great, and his value/upside seems to fit the spots we have. I feel the same way about Branch also.

      • Jeff M says:

        Yes…I do believe I would kill myself if this draft took place…which means it’s possible it could happen lol!

        Although BB does almost everything that I DON’T think he’ll do, there’s no way he would do this draft.

        RB is a possibility, even though I’d hate it, but no chance of a TE.

        Jones is worse than any of the other DT’s that would be an option and Dwight Jones is sooo far and away worse than any of the other wideouts I don’t see Bill touching that.

        If this draft happened…let’s just say you wouldn’t see my comments ever again because I will have jumped off a cliff.

    • Dan says:

      We have 2 of the best young (giant!), smart tackles in the game…3 if you count Cannon. So, I don’t know what you want…a 4th top tackle to sit on the bench and get paid, with little hope of ever seeing the field? They may need some depth via free agency or a mid-late pick, but they aren’t desperate at tackle, even if Light retires. They have Vollmer, now healhty, and Solder to step in for Light.
      We have 3 TE’s, and we have 2 running backs ready to show why they were taken very high, and ahead of some very good backs…just last year. We also have a very productive back in Woodhead. They can draft another, maybe even go for a star, but the need isn’t crushing.
      Maybe I don’t even get what you’re saying.
      I’m not a big fan of Chandler Jones that high either.

      • Doug Kyed says:

        The question was WORST CASE SCENARIO. So I gave my WORST CASE SCENARIO.

        I do not want those players.

        It is my WORST CASE SCENARIO.

  6. PSW says:

    We have 2-1st, and 2-2nd round picks. I would love to see them all go to the defense. A legitimate 3-4 DE, a rush OLB, a CB, and a S. Not in any particular order, just one of each. I can’t stand that anyone is mocking offensive players in the first round for the Pats. The offense was and still is top of the league. The defense last year was one of the worst ever to be dragged into the playoffs. Focus on the D first, then use the 3rd and 4th round picks for interior O Line depth. Then just before camp grab a Vet straggler who over priced himself and is now getting desperate for a roster spot to fill in any last gaps.
    Thats what I’m hoping for at least

    • qwerty says:

      patriots would be idiots if they locked themselves into taking an offensive or defensive player as first pick. they don’t know who will drop.

      patriots major defensive woes were caused when mayo and spikes got injured and guyton played poorly. that opened up the middle. they need to find depth to replace guyton.

      the patriots defense played pretty good during last part of the season. they need another defensive back (ideally versatile) who can be insurance against injuries.

      • psw says:

        The only offensive guys that wouldn’t give me a heart attack would be Konz or Zeitler. And you can’t tell me that upgrading the starter at any of the four positions i named wouldn’t have a bigger impact than a backup middle linebacker. Maybe some people think I’m being excessive but I think our biggest issues are on defense and should be handled first.
        I think you would agree with that much at least

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